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Beer Bottle Lawn Darts

Beer Bottle Lawn Darts

We all know that traditional lawn darts are now illegal. Backyard BBQ + Beer + Large, Pointy, Flying Darts = Someone Losing an Eye.

So instead of the bloody mess, they now sell heavy, weighted lawn darts. This is a much better idea. Rather than someone losing an eye, their skull gets crushed instead. We will teach you how to make your own set of weighted lawn darts using aluminum beer bottles. It adds a unique twist to the game since they are an awkward shape. It’s pretty tough to master the way they roll and bounce, making this quite a challenging and fun backyard game. Follow these instructions to make your own set, and get creative. Being the diehard Phillies fans that we are, we chose to paint ours in an old school Phillies motif. If you are a Mets fan, I suggest you paint yours a lovely shade of go-fuck-yourself.

How to Make Your Own Lawn Darts

What You’ll Need:

6 Aluminum Bottles
Gorilla Glue
6 Shuttlecocks
Spray Paint (optional)
Garden Hose
Screw-type Hose


Step 1: Fill with 1 cup of concrete. This is important so they weigh the same. Let dry.
Step 2: Fill with sand
Step 3: Remove rubber bottom of shuttlecock, and glue plume to top of bottle (After testing the darts, the shuttlecocks kept falling off. They really serve no purpose other than looking stupid, so if you have a bottle capper, cap them instead. You can get a bottle capper and caps at any home brew supply store)
Step 4: Cut hose to desired length, and clamp with hose clamps. I suggest going with a loop the size of a hula hoop. The reason I didn’t use hula hoops is for portability. You can fold up the hose. A hula hoop may also be crushed beneath a flying bottle of sand/concrete as well.

Scoring and Play

Now that you have successfully built your throwback Phillies lawn darts you are ready to play. Lay down your hose rings on grass between 30 and 40 feet apart. Players alternate throws with the team who scored last having the honors to throw first each round. The scoring is very similar to horseshoes and points are earned as follows:

Land the bottle upright in the circle = 5 points (opposing team drinks the sand in the bottle)
Ringer (totally inside the circle) = 3 points
Within a bottle length outside the hoop = 1 point
Ringer, but the bottle lays on top of the hoop partially = 1 point

In the event both teams throw a ringer, the team who lands inside the ring last, gets the points. If no ringer is tossed and both teams have bottles within 1 point range, the closest bottle to the ring is rewarded the point. The game is played up to 21 points and the losing team must bring the winners a fresh beer upon defeat.

Note: Please keep small children at a safe distance when playing. Bottles can bounce and roll after being thrown which could end up harming children passing by.

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