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Craft Beer Halloween

Craft Beer Halloween

Trick or Treat: The area’s best Halloween parties.

Tired of wondering which Halloween party you will attend each year? I can relate. One party always has the best beer and mediocre entertainment and the other always has the exact opposite. It’s a tough choice, especially when you want the perfect combination of the two. I mean, come on, you don’t want to miss out on a killer Halloween party, do you? Well, I guarantee that you won’t have to this year.

Jose Pistola’s, which is located in Center City, will be playing host to a Haunted Halloween Rock Concert on Saturday, October 31st. The festivities begin at 10pm with a $5 suggested donation at the door. Throughout the night there will be Yards and Sly Fox beer specials as well as $4 pints of Rogue Dead Guy Ale. There will also be a prize awarded to the person with the best costume. Headlining the concert will be Welcome To My Face, which is co-owner Casey Parker’s 80’s glam rock tribute band. Casey is the lead singer of the band under his alter ego, Casey Wayne. As if all of this isn’t enough, Casey and the crew have taken it a step further. There will be a major surprise that will take place and it could happen at any moment between 10pm and 2am. It is such a surprise, that even the employees of Jose Pistola’s are being left as clueless as the public. Make sure to stay on your toes that night, because anything could happen.

Also taking place on Saturday, October 31st are two more local parties. Triumph Brewing Company is throwing a party at both their Old City and New Hope locations.

Old City will have a themed Masquerade party beginning at 10pm. The theme this year is based off of the new HBO hit, True Blood. If you arrive at 8pm, you have the option to pay $20, which covers your admission and entitles you to open bar pitchers from 8-10pm. This sounds like a home run to me with all you can drink pitchers of solid, local craft beer! Arrive any time before 10pm and admission is $5 at the door. Then from 10pm on, the admission is $10. There will be two separate dance parties on each floor with DJ Omega spinning and drink specials provided all night long. Prizes will also be awarded for best costumes throughout the night.

If you’re not a city person, then this party’s for you. The New Hope location is having an 80’s themed Halloween party. Admission is free and the always rocking 80’s cover band Ridgemont High will be the entertainment for the night. The stage is newly constructed and adds a groovy touch to this location. It is equipped with a killer laser show and is said to be the best in the Burbs. There will also be a grand prize of $250 for the best costume of the night. Not to mention, they will have their seasonal Pumpkin Ale on tap all night for all you pumpkin heads out there. Free admission and great beer- you can’t beat that, right?

Well there you have it. You now have not one, but three kick ass parties taking place on All Hallows’ Eve. Now it is up to you to choose which one you will be attending. So hurry and find that costume that’s going to bring home the bacon! Remember to be prepared for anything and as always, be responsible and drive safe.

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