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Cheers! To All Things Beer

Cheers! To All Things Beer

Share some pints with professional actor and drinker George Wendt.

One of the classic and iconic beer drinking, bar loving television characters of all time has written a book about beer. Well, at least the actor who played Norm Peterson on Cheers did. George Wendt’s “Drinking with George -A Barstool Professional’s Guide to Beer,” is a relatively easy read full of fun nuances from the beer drinking world.

Interesting and random facts(in ancient Egypt, it was considered a marriage proposal if you offered a woman a sip of beer) and stories (drinking with U2’s Bono) are dispersed throughout “Drinking With George” that will make you look like a beer pro and give you plenty of conversation pieces the next time you are out enjoying  pints with friends.What makes “Drinking With George” so unique is that it is more than a beer guide book, it’s a testament to Wendt’s almost lifelong love affair with beer. From memories of fetching beer for his grandfather to drunken antics with college friends, there are stories in here every beer lover can relate to.

Through comical experiences and a deep rooted passion for all things brew, Wendt offers entertaining tips on how to survive a bar fight, barstool workouts, why beer is actually healthy for you, over one hundred ways to say you’re drunk, and of course how to say “cheers” in seventy-seven languages. There is no snobbery here; this book can be appreciated by novice and experienced beer drinkers alike, even both macro and microbrew fans. “Drinking With George” is both witty and well written. It would make a great gift for any beer lover and is a perfect coffee table piece or reading material to pour over while drinking your favorite brew.

George Wendt with Johnathan Grotenstein
“Drinking With George”
New York, NY: Simon Spotlight
Entertainment, 2009

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