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DIY Beerrings

DIY Beerrings

A fun gift for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Have you ever got stuck in a jam where you just can’t figure out what to get your girl for Valentine’s Day? Or maybe you just forgot about the holiday all together? Well, if she’s a beer lover, we have the perfect, easy, do-it-yourself gift that she’ll be sure to love: Beerrings.

After a quick stop to your local craft store, these simple bottle cap earrings can be made for under $10 and in about 10 minutes. The best part about it is that you can have a few beers in the process since you’ll need to remove the caps!

What You’ll Need

(2) bottled beers (the beer’s for you, the caps are for the earrings)
(1) 9mm jump rings
(2) earrings
(2) .25in to .5in (depending on how dangly you want them) lengths of 2m chain
(1) Needle nose pliers
(1) Hammer
(1) Nail

The Steps

(make sure you SANITIZE everything as best you can!)

Step 1: Remove bottle caps from bottles careful to not bend the caps.
Step 2: Drink beers.
Step 3: Punch small hole at top of each bottle cap above beer logo using nail and hammer.
Step 4: Fish 1 jump ring through hole.
Step 5: Attach chain to jump ring.
Step 6: Close jump ring using pliers so that chain is secure and cannot be removed.
Step 7: Attach the other end of the chain to bracket on earring.
Step 8: Be sure to close earrings bracket tightly with pliers.

Tips That Might Help

Your local craft store sells a wide variety of jewelry making components. If your craft-beer bottle cap of choice is golden, go with gold components. If your cap is colored or silver, go with the silver components.

Remember, some girls like yellow gold and some like white. Be mindful when selecting your caps and jewelry making components.

Be careful punching holes in the bottle caps if you had two beers right before. Of course this depends on your alcohol tolerance and the alcohol percentage of the beer…but we just don’t want you to get hurt.

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