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Pintley.com Pleases the Palate

Pintley.com Pleases the Palate

Discover personalized beer recommendations that fit your taste.

Choices, choices, choices. That’s what we face every time we go into a store. You need shoes? Go to the mall and pick from a hundred styles. Need shampoo? That’s easy, you only have about 100 choices. Need some bread? Pick from a whole aisle full of Kaiser rolls, dinner rolls, ciabatta… yada yada yada. Want a craft beer? I hope you brought a chair and some lunch.

Walking into a beer store makes me smile! I stand in front of… beervana… and all is well with the world, until I have to choose what I’m drinking. When I joined the ranks of craft beer, it was hard to remember which beers I’d had and whether I liked them or not. What I needed was Pintley!

Pintley (pronounced Pint-lee) is a website designed to give you personalized recommendations based on rating beers you’ve had. A simple idea, right? All you have to do is sign up (sorry Shannon, I’ll fix my profile soon) and rate about 20 beers selected at random. My wizard contained beers from Dogfish Head, Yuengling, Brooklyn Brewery, Spoetzl Brewery and more, making my ratings simple enough to do. You select a range between 1(hate it) to 5(love it) and click on the glass icon. If you don’t remember a beer or have never tried it, just skip it. Once that was done, I received a list of 111 recommendations. I was really surprised to see how spot-on the list was. It included brews from Stone, Victory, Orval, Westmalle and one one of my favorites, Hacker-Pschorr Hefe Weisse.

The initial ratings create a profile page for you and list the suggested beers. You can rate those and receive more recommendations based on your updated selections. As you rate more beers, the accuracy of the recommendations should increase, but I think it’s firing on all cylinders at this point.

Although I’d heard of the company a few months ago (we follow each other on Twitter), I wish I had taken the plunge and joined in July. My girlfriend and I took a 2,500 mile road trip then and she could have used some suggestions besides mine. Pintley has an iPhone app available as well. It functions the same as the website and it’s easier, in my opinion, to use than the mobile version of the website. Don’t get me wrong, the mobile version works fine and is fast but I spent a crap load of money on my phone and I’m trying to justify it. Right?

Pintley currently has a database of approximately 17,000 beers with more on the way. I’ve asked some friends about their experience and they’ve received some very solid suggestions from the website. With approximately 4,000 users added since the website went into public beta in July, I fully expect the community section to generate some interesting discussions and suggestions to improve the website.

All in all, I think this is a great idea. As a craft beer lover, I often make suggestions to friends on beers to try. I occasionally forget that my taste may be leaning towards a particular beer that they may not be prepared to enjoy. Give the site a try. You’ll learn a thing or two and have another reason to hit your local beer retailer or bar.

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