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The Sixtel Backpack

The Sixtel Backpack

Perfect for Halloween or doing household chores!

First of all, we can hardly take credit for this. Last October, we first heard of the idea of strapping a sixtel to a person’s back from Flying Fish’s Casey Hughes. He told us how he rigged up a sixtel using old Scuba equipment so that he could achieve the perfect beer-lover’s Scuba costume. Excited about this idea, Falco and I couldn’t wait to build our own and think of some various applications of the sixtel backpack for other fun Halloween costumes.

Be warned though, a sixtel is quite heavy and shouldn’t be worn by small people or people with bad backs. And, if you end up falling backwards, busting your back, or having all of your beer stolen by fellow partiers around you, don’t hold us responsible!

What You Need

  • A sixtel of your favorite beer or cornelius keg of homebrew
  • Keg tap
  • Used Scuba tank harness (available for under $20 at most Scuba shops).

    Be sure to buy a harness with adjustable straps for tanks, not a solid metal ring.

  • Duct Tape
  • Red Solo cups
  • Screw Driver

How To Do It

Step 1: Examine the Scuba harness for any components that can be removed. Use a screw driver in order to reduce any obstructions from the sixtel. Since harnesses vary greatly, this step may or may not be necessary.

Step 2: Loosen tank straps so that the sixtel will fit in them. Scuba tanks are about an inch smaller in diameter than a sixtel, so it is very important to have a harness that has an adjustable fitting for the tank. Once you are done making adjustments, fit harness onto tank with the harness approximately half way down the center of the tank to make sure it’s well balanced when wearing.

Step 3: Tighten harness straps as much as possible on the sixtel to ensure it is secure.

Step 4: It may look sloppy, but reinforce the sixtel by wrapping duct tape around the sixtel and the entire harness. Make sure to not tape down the straps you’ll be using to wear the backpack. This will help greatly in supporting the approximate 60 lbs.

Step 5: Tap the beer!

Step 6: Strap up, keep the cups handy, and wear it out to the nearest Halloween party.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Use the sixtel backpack as an integral part of your Halloween costume this year, here are a few of our own ideas:

  • Ghostbuster
  • Scuba Diver
  • Exterminator
  • Firefighter
  • Hunchback
  • Astronaut
  • Robot

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