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4th Time’s A Charm

4th Time’s A Charm

Lew Bryson releases the 4th Edition of his popular book, “Pennsylvania Breweries.”

Every past edition of Lew Bryson’s “Pennsylvania Breweries” has been a valuable tome for the PA-based craft beer enthusiast, and his 4th Edition is no exception. In this guide, Bryson takes readers on a tour of all of the breweries and brewpubs throughout PA, from the oldest – Yuengling, to newer breweries, some of which I haven’t even heard of.

Breaking down the state into several fundamental regions, he not only provides basic directory information like location and tour hours but also profiles many of
the beers offered by each brewer, making it a great tool for the craft beer novice. And, for those who consider themselves to be a lover of all things local and are quite familiar with many of the breweries and brews born within the Keystone State, Bryson even dives into a bit of each brewery’s history, which is oftentimes quite interesting and rich.

Normally, a guide like this would simply be used as a point of reference, but what Bryson does uniquely is allow his humorous personality to read clearly between the lines, making each profile and story entertaining and not just an outline of key points. In other words, you can enjoy reading about the beer you’re drinking at the bar or simply as a casual read from the comfort of your own home.

Bryson’s book is the perfect balance of information so that novices and experts alike can read and enjoy the book, using it as an everyday reference when drinking at local watering holes throughout the Pennsylvania beer scene. It’s hard to imagine, with the rapidly changing and growing landscape of Pennsylvania breweries, how Bryson can keep up!

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