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White House Honey Ale

Obama is leader of the free world and the leader of the free world deserves a craft beer every now and then. Or, maybe even one created specifically for him and his party guests. During the annual White House Super Bowl party this past weekend, Obama unveiled “The White House Honey Ale,” brewed by one of the head chefs at the White House. This brew was made with honey from this year’s 160 pound harvest, straight from the bee hive situated next to Michelle Obama’s kitchen garden. Also on the menu were cases of craft beer from Hinterland Brewery in Green Bay as well as Yuengling Brewery which represented PA. You can check out the full article as well as the presidential Super Bowl menu at the Obama Foodorama blog. And, important to note: the Obama’s personally footed the bill for all the microbrew equipment (for all of those who were wondering). With all this craft beer talk in the White House, it will be interesting to see what they come up with for next year’s Super Bowl party. What do you think of a White House brew? Would you try it?

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