Light Beer

Light Beer

Creating canned holiday lights.

I wish I could take credit for this idea. Falco and I saw these hanging in a pretty cool beer bar in Denver, CO, and I thought it would be a perfect fit for our holiday issue. If you have an old strand of lights with those obnoxiously large bulbs, this is an ideal way to give them new life. Hang these on the mantle for the holidays and come January, put them behind your bar or in your at-home beer hangout.If you happened to give our “Can Plants” a shot in the April/May issue (page 18), you’ll notice that the process and supplies are very similar. If you successfully did this in the spring, this project should be a breeze.

What You Need

  • Strand of colored holiday lights with
  • large bulbs
  • Number of empty beer cans equal to
  • light bulbs
  • A few extra full cans to help the
  • tedium of cutting cans pass by easier
  • Tin snips or sharp scissors
  • X-ACTO knife or box cutter
  • Electrical tape

How to Do it

Step 1: Wash cans thoroughly.
Step 2: Drink a beer. It’s going to take a while.
Step 3: Use an X-ACTO knife to put a small slit at the bottom of a can, just before the base.
Step 4: Use tin snips to cut and remove bottom of the can.
Step 5: Discard bottom of the can. Be aware, metal edges from can will be sharp.
Step 6: Make 4 small, ¼ inch cuts downward from bottom of can, equal distance around.
Step 7: Fold edges of can inward and smooth out carefully with fingers to prevent future injury from sharp edges.
Step 8: Remove tab from top of can.
Step 9: Starting with one end of the string of lights, unscrew light bulb (or lightbulb cover) from socket.
Step 10: Wedge light socket into mouth of the can. If it feels too loose, wrap a bit of electrical tape around socket in order to stabilize socket in the mouth.
Step 11: From bottom of can’s opening, screw in light bulb. This will ensure the bulb and sockets remain attached to the can.
Step 12: Repeat steps through 2-11 until all light bulbs have cans attached.
Step 13: Hang your new beer can holiday lights for all of your festivities.

Find canned beers with coordinating colors for the holidays. Like this example: Oskar Blues Gubna (red) and Caldera Ashland Amber (green), which is perfect for Christmas.

Most holiday lights come in strands of 25 lights. Be sure to have some friends help you empty those cans.



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