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Battle of the Homebrew Shops *UPDATED 1/5*

With the arrival of 2012, we are kicking off what we hope to be an annual homebrew contest. It is going to be a fun brew contest in which we pit 8 local homebrew shops against one another in a friendly competition to see which produces the top brewer. The competition is divided into two rounds. Round 1 is going to be all session beers (everything must be 4.5% abv or under). Two winners will be chosen from each shop for round 1 and they will move onto Round 2 in which they must brew a beer using coffee donated from One Village Coffee. There’s a bit of twist though, in that no stouts or porters will be allowed this round. The final winner will be chosen the last day of Philly Beer Week (June 10th) at Perch Pub. There will be prizes for 1st and 2nd place as well as for the winning homebrew shop. All the rules, deadlines and prizes are list below.
The participating homebrew shops are: How Do You Brew (Newark, DE), Keystone Homebrew (Montgomeryville, PA) , BYOB (Haddon, NJ), Princeton Homebrew (NJ), Brew Your Own Beer (Havertown, PA), Homesweet Homebrew (Philadelphia), Barrys Homebrew (Philadelphia),  Wine Barley and Hops (Feasterville, PA), and  *JUST ADDED* ARTISAN HOMEBREW (Downingtown, PA).

Battle of the Homebrew Shops Rules/Guidelines

Round 1
-All entries MUST be submitted by closing time of submitting shop on March 3rd
-Only 1 entry per person.
-All entries MUST be no greater than 4.5% alcohol. Anything over will not be considered. There are no other restrictions for this round.
-Each entry must submit either 2 12oz bottles or 1 22oz bottle of beer
-When the beer is dropped off, each entry will fill out a form, which will include their contact info and a brief description of the beer. The beer will then be given a corresponding number, which will be the only means of identification on the bottle (this is to reduce any bias and ensure the beer is judge completely on the beer and not the brewer).
-All beers will be judged by members of Philly Beer Scene and the owner of a shop other then the one at which the beer was submitted. For example, all beers submitted to BYOB in Haddon will be taken to Keystone Homebrew to be judged and vice versa. A guest judge may be included at times as well depending on the amount of entries.
-Beers will be judged in similar methods as to those reviewed in each issue of Philly Beer Scene. We are not following BJCP guidelines nor is this an AHA sanctioned event. We are looking for good beers and want this to be about the fun of homebrewing. Good beer is good beer no matter how close or far off it is from the style it’s categorized as. We are looking for a well-brewed, flavorful interpretation of a session beer.
-Two winners will be chosen from each store to move on to the second round.

Round 2
-Upon winning Round 1, winners will be notified and then be able to pick up a 1lb bag of One Village whole roasted coffee beans from the store they submitted their round 1 entry.
-All Round 2 beers must use this coffee in their beer. No stouts or porters are allowed. Any other style is fair game. There are no ABV restrictions. The whole pound of coffee does not need to be used. You can use at little or as much as you please. We are providing a pound so that you have an opportunity to taste the coffee before brewing if desired.
​-Coffee may be used in whatever method you feel most fitting.
​-Submissions must be into your corresponding store by June 8th.
-Participants must submit either 4 12oz bottles or 2 22oz bottles (There will be almost a dozen judges, thus the need for extra beer. Any remaining beer will be shared with those in attendance.)
​-Submitted beers will be collected and stored in the same manner as round 1.
-The beers will be judged on June 10th at Perch Pub in Center City by a panel of all the homebrew shop owners, members of Philly Beer Scene, as well as members of One Village Coffee, including their chief roaster. This event will be held at 5:00 and all participants are encouraged to come. We will announce winners as soon as the judging has commenced and prizes will be awarded. It is also encouraged (not required) for you to bring some extra samples of your beers to share with fellow participants. This will be a public Philly Beer Week event.
-Beers will be judged on overall taste/quality, use of the coffee, and creativity. The reason for no stouts or porters allowed is we are encouraging brewers to think outside the box and create new ways of using coffee in beer. Thus a perfectly brewed coffee brown ale, may not beat out an above average coffee berliner-weisse.
-There will only be a 1st and 2nd Place winner.

​1st Place:

– A Philly Beer Scene Prize Pack consisting of t-shirts, posters, beer, and the winners choice of being either a guest reviewer in an upcoming issue of the magazine or a featured homebrewer.
– A One Village Coffee Prize Pack consisting of everything you need to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home: grinder, scale, a brewing device or two, enough coffee to keep you caffeinated for quite some time and more.
​-A $75 Gift Card to Perch Pub

-The corresponding store to the winning brewer will also receive a trophy to proudly display at their store (this will obviously not be given out that night as we will need to have it engraved).

​2nd Place:

-A Philly Beer Scene Prize Pack consisting of t-shirts, posters, beer and either getting to be a guest reviewer or a featured homebrewer in an upcoming issue (2nd place will get whichever one 1st place doesn’t choose).

Location:Your local homebrew shop

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