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Hunting Beer in the 21st Century

Hunting Beer in the 21st Century

More apps to help you find your favorite beers on the go!

Humans are basically still hunters and gathers, but we mainly gather food from the local grocery store and the hunt is mostly for craft beer. Thank God for smart phones and smart app developers because now beer hunting is almost easier than picking up take out at the local pizza shop. To help with the hunt, here are two apps to add to your smart phone of choice:

Victory Brewing Company
Victory Brewing Company released a mobile beer app in honor of their 16 years in business. The free Android and iPhone compatible app was designed to help their followers stay in touch and connect with Victory using Facebook, Twitter, email and their website. All social media is available by pressing the appropriate button on the about page. The app also has an events calendar (Hey ladies, attend the Girls Just Wanna Have Suds meeting on April 16th) showing events throughout the East Coast. For those followers just getting into craft beer, the educational tab gives suggested food pairings, recommended glassware, flavor profiles, style characteristics and the history of the beer.

The beer-finder tab is highly useful. It searches all shipments made in the last 60 days and tells you which distributor received a shipment of the beer you seek. It’s possible that the beer is sold out, but finding great beer is always worth a phone call. Some lucky soul found some 2010 Old Horizontal using this feature.

Find Craft Beer (FCB)
Find Craft Beer is a fairly straightforward application written by homebrewer Chris Smith, who is from South Jersey and a member of The Barley Legal Homebrew Club. The home screen allows you to search based on your current location or by entering a name and zip code. The search radius can be from 1 to 100 miles. The settings section allows you to filter out some of the results. It’s very easy to use and trouble free. Doing a search may give you new places to try, which means a longer lists of spots for you to go and have a beer or two.

FCB uses data from Beermapping.com to provide the search results.Beermaping.com shows some bars that are closed; however, incorrect data should not be much of an issue since Chris does a lot of hands-on work keeping the app updated. Calling to confirm hours, tap list, directions, etc. is a good policy and will save you some time.

This app is also regarded as a “must download;” in 2009, FCB was showcased as an essential Super Bowl app (on the iTunes homepage) and was nominated for Best App Ever in the “Feel Like a Local” category by bestappever.com.

Both apps are available from the usual sources for your particular smart phone platform. Download them, enjoy good beer with a friend and be a responsible drinker.

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