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The Jockey Box: Keep Your Beer Cold During Picnics and Tailgates This Summer.

The Jockey Box: Keep Your Beer Cold During Picnics and Tailgates This Summer.

Spring and summer are quickly approaching and good times enjoying a few cold beers outside is one of the best parts of the warmer weather. It’s time to start throwing get-togethers and tapping some kegs next to the picnic table or in the parking lot during a tailgate.

When doing this, keeping the beer cold enough is key. To make your life a little easier, we’re going to walk you through the basic steps of building your own jockey box to take your outdoor parties to the next level. To make it even easier, everything you’ll need should be readily available between a trip to your local homebrew shop and Target. Here’s to drinking in the sun!

*NOTE: The jockey box can also be built using coils rather than Bevlex tubing. We chose tubing as it allows more space in the box to run multiple lines. If you prefer to use coils, your local homebrew shop owner should be able to help you through the process.

What You Need:

  • 18 qt. cooler or larger
  • Cold Plate 8”x 14” (# of circuits depends on how many beers you want to tap)
  • 2- 3/8” barb x 1/2-16 MFL Cold Plate Fittings (2 for each tap)
  • 2- Flare Washer 1/2-16 (2 for each tap)
  • 14 feet of 3/16” Bevlex tubing (6’ per tap–cut into pieces measuring 2’, 6’ and 6’)
  • 1 Standard Faucet (or fancy faucet if preferred)
  • 1 tap handle of your choice
  • 1 American Sanke Coupler
  • 6 stainless steel hose clamps
  • 1 3-1/2” length with 1-7/8” max wall thickness 1/4” Bore Brass Shank Assembly
  • Primary CO2 Regulator 5/16” Barb Shutoff (w/check valve)
  • CO2 Tank (can be rented)
  • Faucet Wrench

How to Assemble

Step 1: Drill 5/6” hole into front and 3/16” (just large enough to put tube through) hole into the back of cooler.

Step 2: Remove nut and place shank assembly through the front hole of cooler and fasten on with removed nut.

Step 3: Fasten cold plate fittings tightly to cold plate and along with flare washers (be sure to put fittings in corresponding numbered holes). Use Teflon tap to ensure a better fit.

Step 4: Take 2’ piece of Bevlex tubing and attach to “out” cold plate fitting with hose clamp (tighten securely).

Step 5: Take hose and attach other end to shank assembly on the front side of the cooler with a hose clamp.

Step 6: Attach faucet using faucet wrench to front side of shank assembly and screw on tap handle.

Step 7: Attach 6’ piece of Bevlex tubing to “in” cold plate fitting.

Step 8: Run the other side of the tubing through the hole in back of cooler.

Step 9: Attach other side of tubing to Sanke Coupler and fasten with hose clamp.

Step 10: Attach other 6’ tube to other side of Sanke and fasten with hose clamp.

Step 11: Attach second side to CO2 Regulator.

Step 12: Attach regulator to CO2 Tank.

Step 13: Fill cooler with ice & tap keg.

Step 14: Turn on CO2 tank (be sure the regulator is set no higher than 12 PSI).

Step 15: Invite us over and pour us a beer.

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