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150 Year of Brewing Excellence

150 Year of Brewing Excellence

Trappist brewing classic Chimay adds another milestone to their legacy.

Chances are, at some point along your journey of discovering craft beer you had a Chimay. For many, this was one of the first craft beers that opened the gateway to the world of better beer. The famous Red, Blue and White bottles have been a staple of better craft beer bars for as long as beer bars have been around. And now, Chimay is celebrating an impressive 150 years of brewing.

Started in 1862, not much has changed over the years, as they continue to focus on their three core beers and brew nothing else. It all started with the Red, fittingly named “ Première” or “The First One,” and stayed that way for 86 years until they finally started brewing the Blue as a holiday offering, following the reconstruction of the brewery in 1948, after being devastated during World War II. Bringing in a new yeast strain and much more modern equipment allowed them to brew this favorite from the brewery, which is also commonly referred to as “Grande Reserve” in tribute to its aging abilities.

18 years later, “Cinq Cents” was born, the latest addition to the Chimay family. Named in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Principality of Chimay, Cinq Cents is more commonly known as Chimay White.

Today, with 150 years of brewing history behind them and three of the most revered artisan beers available, Chimay continues to raise the bar for consistency. To celebrate, there will even be a Chimay museum opening, providing yet another reason to visit the country of Belgium.

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