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Beer Week in Your Pocket

Beer Week in Your Pocket

Organizing your Philly Beer Week schedule using the 2012 app.

Philadelphia is known as a great beer city and not many people dispute that little awesome bit of information. They’ll bust our chops about the sports teams, but we do that on our own! Right? Our claim to fame is that we have a history of having great beer. Add the distinction of having started the Beer Week phenomena and you can put a smile on your face and go have a drink with your friends.

Philly Beer Week begins on June 1st and runs through June 10th this year. If you’re attending multiple happenings, do yourself a favor–download the Philly Beer Week app. It’s free and available for iPhone and Android at the usual places. Get this app even if you don’t plan to attend beer week. It has a daily, almost, listing of the going ons outside of beer week; a great reason to use it.
The 2012 version is a nice, convenient way to help keep you on track. I downloaded it about two weeks ago and used it to make a wish list. I say “wish list” because there is no way I can go to that many places without killing my liver and probably looking for a new place to live.

The app combines a calendar, events, venues and social media into an intuitive, easy to use wonder. The calendar lists the events for a particular day. Simply view the list, make your choice and share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email or text message.

The events button gives you the broad categories (hint- see the giveaway and other categories) in a scrollable format. I use it for a quick review of my options. Tap on a listing and you’ll see venue and cost information, although most are PAYG.

The nicest feature is the venues list. It shows a pin on every location having an event. I was surprised to see a pin in Lebanon, Lancaster and Bethlehem. Click on a pin and it gives you venue information and a schedule. You can also use the compass icon to find what’s local to you.
Spend some time getting acquainted and I think you will also find it super handy. It’s going to be a permanent app for me.

If you’re not a smart phone owner, go to phillybeerweek.org and use the search box or select by neighborhood, event or brewery that you like. The sampler guide is available in a PDF or you can pick it up around the city.

Remember to drink responsibly, to keep enough cash for parking and to introduce a friend to good beer.

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