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On pretty much every level, fall is my favorite season. I believe our love affair began the second I realized that I was done with school forever and it could no longer ruin it. I’m thinking May 2000. Summer went from being my favorite season to a distant third in a matter of seconds.

With school no longer a factor, the three weeks of spring we now get took a stranglehold on second, while winter stayed dead last because it’s so awful and cold. There are so many reasons that it’s the best, I could write forever, but because of my undying support of the Earth, I’m only comfortable taking up so much paper. These things are what really do it for me though…


Football is the greatest. As long as the Eagles are mathematically alive for the Super Bowl, these weeks are as good as it gets in life. Plus, drinking beer and watching football seem to work together, which is a very handy coincidence in my line of work. Football takes a dumb holiday like Thanksgiving, and makes it a top two holiday. If it wasn’t for football, it would just be some story about natives thanking the Pilgrims for helping them find the west or whatever. I wouldn’t even capitalize Thanksgiving if it wasn’t for football. Baseball used to be good in the fall, but the Phillies all got old one day. I hope that never happens to the Jose Pistola’s softball team.

Christmas Beer

Fall is great for getting winter beer. With how early seasonal beers are pushed out nowadays, that first sentence actually makes sense. I love Christmas beers, but I’m usually sick of them way before winter begins. As a matter of fact, they’ve become more of a fall release and pumpkin beers have moved to late summer. For the record, I don’t even think American pumpkins hatch until around the World Series, so I’m a little leery of where these pumpkins are coming from.

Brisk Weather

Easily the best beer drinking weather of the year. There’s something about drinking a pretty cold can of beer on a kinda cold day that reminds me of my high school days. Most of my favorite underage drinking experiences are all in the fall. Not sure why, but I probably wasn’t allowed out in the spring, summer’s way too hot for beer, and of course, winter blows. It’s also perfect tailgating weather if you have the option of not showing up to tailgate if it’s rainy and cold. (Sorry, Curt.)

Fall Fashion

Fall is also the only time of year where I can wear my favorite pant/shirt combo. I love wearing shorts and a long sleeve shirt or hoodie. As anyone that has ever met me can attest, I have pretty good legs, with incredible calves. The problem is my upper body is about as defined as the borders of Kashmir. My only theories on why, is that I’ve probably worked out about eight times in my life and people with muscles lift more than 16 oz. glasses. Anyway, if my arms and one-pack are covered up, and you have to go by my legs alone, you’d probably have to give my body at least an 8.

It’s So Pretty

I don’t care how much it makes me sound like a sissy, fall is flat out beautiful, and it really makes you appreciate how many trees we have in the Philly area. Every car, cab, and train ride is infinitely better. I literally look out of the window of my train, on purpose. The rest of the year, I’d be just as happy commuting to work inside a bowling ball with my headphones on.

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