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Publisher’s Letter

Publisher’s Letter

The area is filled with people that have played irreplaceable roles in bringing craft beer to the forefront of our local culture. From the originals like Carol and Ed Stoudt, Rosemarie Certo, and Tom Peters to the more recent pioneers like Brendan Hartranft and the brewery/brewpub owners who are redefining their neighborhoods. All are worthy of a tribute and essential to everything we love about craft beer in Philadelphia.

We wanted to take a deeper look into one of the prominent and equally important publicans in the area. While Tom Peters may be the predominant face for Monk’s, as many of you may or may not know, Monk’s is an endeavor he is not alone in.

From day one, the incomparable and eccentrically unique Fergus Carey has been his partner; not only in Monk’s, but in endeavors around the world. This kilt-wearing Irishman, better known simply as Fergie, is one of the most memorable people in the craft beer world. Those who know him probably won’t soon forget him and chances are, he won’t forget you. This issue, we are proud to bring you a deeper look into this legend of Philadelphia.

Aside from offering a connection with Fergie, we have focused a good deal of attention to one of the most critical elements in beer: yeast. Often overlooked and seldom taken into consideration by the average drinker, we felt it was time to put this fungus to the forefront and provide some education on its importance in making the beer we all love to drink.

Rounding things out and hoping it be an ideal lead-in to our 2nd Beer Laws Forum, Luke Bowen has provided insight into the area state Brewers Guilds. Working behind the scenes to protect and develop our craft beer culture, these guilds need more attention and the support of craft beer drinkers. Like yeast is to beer, these guilds are trying to play the same role to breweries.

With that said, I hope you enjoy the issue and I look forward to continually meeting more and more of you.

Mat Falco

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