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R5 Pub Crawl

I know we briefly mentioned this about a month back, but the event is finally set and it’s this Saturday!  The owners of Station Taproom, Theresas Next Door, and Monks Cafe collaborated with Jean and John of Tired Hands Brewery to brew the R5 Saison. Each bar is conveniently located along the R5 Septa line, making for an easy pub crawl.  R5 saison was brewed with 5 different ‘R” ingredients: Rose buds, rhubarb, ramon nut powder, rye, and raisins.  For the event, each location will have a different version of the saison:

Station Taproom – Motueka dry-hopped R5 Saison
Teresa’s Next Door – Brett fermented R5 Saison (Jaune)
Tired Hands – R5 Saison (Straight up)
Monk’s – Brett Fermented R5 Saison (Marron)

The crawl is open to everyone, and SEPTA tickets must be purchased on your own. Things will kick off at noon on October 20th at Station Taproom and work their way towards Monks cafe for one (or two or three) final beer.  People are however welcome to go to as many or few stops as they choose. We spent spent the day at Tired Hands for the brew day and took a bunch of pictures which you can see here.

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