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The Fusion Town

The Fusion Town

In early August, I walked into my favorite bar and saw something I’d never seen before, The Fusion Tower. I sauntered over and had a sample of the beer after it went through the Fusion Chamber.

I was intrigued enough to want to find out more about it and shook hands with inventor Matt Kyle, who was kind enough to meet for a beer and tell me some of the story behind the Fusion Tower. Matt, a fellow beer lover, saw a Randall and was impressed enough to try and make it better. Using college tuition funds, money from selling his ride and other funds, he began the journey that ended with a working prototype.

The tower allows you to vary and control five factors: taste–varying the ingredients in the active flavor pickup chamber; temperature–some beer profiles can be enhanced by serving at various temperatures; carbonation–who likes low carbonation beers; foam – some head is a good thing, but not always; and time–time factor can affect the flavors imparted to the beer.

The tower is made up of glass, silicone, 316L stainless steel and platinum. 316L stainless steel has a high tolerance for corrosion helping to prolong the life of the tower. The platinum is used to coat the mesh filtration screens that hold the infusion ingredients in place. None of those materials impart off flavors to the beer, which gives you better flavor and a great beer to savor.

I’m looking forward to tasting more beers that have been run through the Fusion Tower. Have an idea for a flavor combination? Talk to Matt about it. He may add it to his suggested pairings.

If you’re interested in having the Fusion Tower at your party or bar, the website is www.fusiontower.com. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter- @fusion_tower, and old fashioned email

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