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2nd Annual Battle of the Homebrew Shops

We’re kicking things off a little earlier this year as extra time might come in handy with this years special ingredient for the finals.  Last year it was all about session beers and coffee. This year it’s all about rye.

For the first round, everyone will have to brew with rye malts. It doesn’t matter what style you brew, but the rye needs to be in there and needs to be a key attribute in the beer. Round 1 beers must be submitted by March 1st and will be judged blindly by local beer professionals (shop owners will not participate in judging this year). Due to the limited supply of the special ingredient for the finals, there will only be one winner from each shop this year.

Each winner will receive a freshly emptied barrel from our sponsor, Dad’s Hat Rye. If you’re not familiar with Dad’s Hat, they are a new, local producer of a really nice rye whiskey. Check them out here.  The winners will then collaborate with the homebrew shop owner from the store they won at to brew a 15 gallon batch to mature in the barrel.  Once again style will be up to you, and the only requirement is that it must be aged in the barrel for some period of time. Round 2 beers must be submitted absolutely no later than June 15th. The beers will be judged by John and Herman the founders of Dads Hat Rye, along with a panel of other beer experts.

The winners will be announced during the National Homebrewers Conference.  Philly Beer Scene is sponsoring the nightly hospitality suites, and will use the suite one night to showcase the finalist.  Each finalist is expected to bring some of their beer to the event to share with their fellow homebrewers.  This will be a great opportunity to share your beers on one of the grandest stages of the homebrew world! Who knows, maybe even Charlie himself will end up sampling some of your beers.  More details of the final even will come as we get closer.

Participating Shops:
Artisan Homebrew
Barry’s Homebrew Outlet
Brew Your Own Bottle (Havertown)
BYOB (Westmont, NJ)
Home Sweet Homebrew
How Do You Brew (DE)
Keystone Homebrew (Montgomeryville)
Malt House LTD
Princeton Homebrew
Wine, Barley, and Hops


Battle of the Homebrew Shops Rules/Guidelines

Round 1
-All entries MUST be submitted by closing time of submitting shop on March 1st
-Only 1 entry per person. You cannot enter to more than one shop.
-All entries must be brewed with rye. There is no other restrictions.
-Each entry must submit either 4 12oz bottles or 2 22oz bottle of beer
-Each bottle must be labeled with your name, homebrew shop, e-mail address, phone number, beer style, and ABV.
-Beers will be judged in similar methods as to those reviewed in each issue of Philly Beer Scene and will not be judged by BJCP standards. We are looking for the best rye beer. Also, no feedback or scorecards will be given back following the judging process.
-One winner will be chosen from each store to move on to the second round.

Round 2
-Upon winning Round 1, winners will be notified and they can pick up their freshly emptied barrel at their respective homebrew shop.
-Round 2 beers will be a collaboration between the winning brewer and the shop they won at.
-All Round 2 beers must be aged in the Dads Hat Rye barrel.
-Submissions must be into your corresponding store by June 15th.
-Participants must submit either 4 12oz bottles or 2 22oz bottles
-Submitted beers will be collected and stored in the same manner as round 1.
-The beers will be judged blindly just prior to the National Homebrewers Conference by a panel of local beer experts and the founders of Dads Hat Rye.
-Winners will be announced during an event in Philly Beer Scene hospitality suite during the National Homebrewers Conference
-There will only be a 1st and 2nd Place winner.


-Winning Homebrew Shop will get a giant, hand-made 3 gallon ceramic growler to proudly display at their shop
-Homebrewer prizes are still TBD and details will arrive shortly.

***Please attach the following label to each entry:


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