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Beer Can Router

Beer Can Router

Nowadays, it’s pretty much routine that once you crack open a beer and take a few sips, the next step is to go online and let the world know what you’re drinking; whether it’s a check-in on Untapped to keep track of your beer drinking journeys, a picture on Facebook to show off your Instagram skills to your friends, or an in-depth review on Beer Advocate or RateBeer.

Abusing the self-empowering aspect of the internet to judge beer, adding to its future online rise to beer-geek fame or pushing it one step closer to obscurity, has become almost synonymous with craft beer.

To engage in the social media aspect of beer culture, an internet connection is needed. When it comes to home Wi-Fi, there is a level of uncertainty with the consistency of the signal. Being in the opposite room of the router or trying to relax outside with your beer and laptop can end up being problematic for your hopes of getting on your favorite beer-posting site. Well, fear not, as that craft beer you are about to share your love for online, might just be the answer to Wi-Fi problems. Behold, the “Beer Can Wi-Fi Enhancer:”

What You Need:

-Beer can

-Kitchen shears or sharp knife


What To Do:

Step 1: You’ll need a beer can, so step one is to pick out your favorite beer can. You should not only choose the one you like the most, but also the one with the coolest artwork, as it will soon be on display in your home. Proceed to drink the beer. (It’s probably smart to only drink one before you start the project, as playing with sharp objects while drunk is not typically the best idea, and we advise against it.)

Step 2: Wash out the beer can. Make sure it’s clean of beer and any sticky residue.

(For the following steps, wearing gloves is advised, as the edges of the can will be sharp.)

Step 3: With shears or knife, cut off the bottom of the beer can. You will want to cut it as close to the bottom as possible to ensure the most surface area.

Step 4: Cut the top of the can but leave an area of about one inch attached directly in front of the opening where the beer was dispensed.

Step 5: Directly on the opposite side of the opening, cut base of the can vertically and flatten out the can.

Step 6: Place the hole on the top of the can over the antenna on the back of your wireless router and then fan out the body of the now flattened can.

Step 7: Take your computer to the furthest part of your home, open up another beer, and proceed to post away on your favorite beer site!

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