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Left Hand Milk Stout NITRO

Left Hand Milk Stout NITRO

Getting to enjoy the delicate softness of a nitrogenized beer is something that was typically an experience which required a trip to the local pub. Yes, there are a few nitrogenized offerings from across the pond that have been available for home consumption for a couple of years, but they tend to leave a lot to the imagination.

No qualms towards a classic can of Guinness or Old Speckled Hen and the glorious cascading effect they put forth as they aggressively crash into your glass thanks to that magical little white ball, but it’s time for something new. Something that doesn’t require that little white ball or even a can at all…

Let’s face it, widgets are yesterday’s news. There’s not a single non-Guinness drinker that still cares or talks about them, so why not bring forth a new product for those craving a flavorful nitrogenized beer. Why not put that product in a bottle? Well, Left Hand has come through and fulfilled the dreams of beer drinkers everywhere. Left Hand Milk Stout NITRO is everything a can of Guinness is, just without the can, without the magical white ball, and with a whole lot more flavor. It’s like drinking a fresh pint of their nitrogenized milk stout from a bar tap, but inside the comfort of your own home. Pop open the bottle, flip it upside down, aggressively pour it into your glass and watch it slowly cascade.

So what makes this beer drink like a smooth, nitrogenized stout and cascade in a similar fashion? Well, that’s a secret that Left Hand isn’t quite ready to let out yet, but the beer is good, so is there really any need to ask questions?

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