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I’ve Got a Golden Ticket!

Well, I did have a golden ticket, two in fact, but now now they have been hidden away in cases of Victory Headwaters Pale Ale! I’ve always dreamed about finding a Golden Ticket like little ol’ Charlie did, so I’ve teamed up with Victory to make the dream a reality for two other lucky people. With the help of Victory’s Bill Covaleski, two tickets were hidden away into loose packed cases of Victory Headwaters (they’re no Wonka bars, but personally, I think a case of Head Waters is money much better spent).

So what exactly does finding a Golden Ticket win you? You win two things actually. First, you win an all-access pass to this years “Best of the Philly Beer Scene Awards Show” at World Cafe Live on May 22nd. You and a guest of your choice get to come walk down the red carpet with all of your favorite brewers, bar owners, writers and other beer industry regulars, as well as get to sit and mingle with them at the VIP tables in front of the stage. You, along with the other lucky golden ticket finder (not your guests, sorry), will get to present an award on stage with Bill Covaleski (so yes, you’ll get to go backstage as well as pour yourself a glass from the firkin on the stage thats reserved for presenters and award winners). Not enough? We’re picking up your tab for the night (beer only), and if you live in the city, we’ll be picking you up in an Uber Cab so you can show up in style.

That’s part one of the prize. Part two is a personal tour of the Willy Wonka of breweries, Victory Brewing Company. As you may know, Victory doesn’t currently offer tours due to the 24/7 schedule your thirst has commanded. In Willy Wonka type fashion, it’s closed off to the public, but if you have a Golden Ticket, Bill himself will show you around. You’ll get to travel down the Prima Pils River, lick the various hop flavored wall paper, sing and dance with the Golden Monkey looking Oompa Loompas, and more. Ok, well maybe none of that really exists, but you will get a pretty awesome tour and I’m sure there will be plenty of beer to drink.

With that said, the hunt is on. Buy yourself a loose-packed case of Victory Headwaters Pale Ale in the Philadelphia area* and you may just find yourself on your way to the Awards Show and Victory Brewing! Once you find the ticket, there will be instructions on how to proceed. Best of luck and I look forward to celebrating with the winners on May 22nd!

*anywhere in Philadelphia or Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties

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