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A Taste of Belgium Outside Center City

A Taste of Belgium Outside Center City

When it comes to Belgian beer in the Philadelphia area, Monk’s Café and Eulogy Belgian Tavern are typically the first bars that come to mind. Both have been landmarks in the beer culture and helped anchor the great beer scene that we now have. But just outside the city, in Delaware County, lies Teresa’s Next Door…

a bar with a strong Belgian focus like no other outside the city. Located right downtown in Wayne, Teresa’s is leading the way in turning this little town—also home to highly regarded distributor, The Beer Yard—into a solid beer destination.

Opening in June of 2007, Teresa’s has quickly established itself as one of the preeminent beer bars in the area. The bar features twenty-four beers on draft to go along with two hand-pumps. The draft list is always a balance of American craft and Belgian with a few other international offerings thrown in from time to time. Of their Belgian offerings, Teresa’s finds itself home to multiple beers that are available exclusively at their bar. You are also almost certain to find something from Russian River and Jolly Pumpkin on draft on any given visit.

On top of the exceptional draft list, there is also an expansive bottle list covering some of the best beers from around the world. The list is broken down by basic styles, but then breweries such as Allagash, Jolly Pumpkin and Russian River, as well as Trappist breweries have their own sections. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Teresa’s has a bit of a love affair with Jolly Pumpkin and boasts what is probably the best selection of offerings from that brewery anywhere in Pennsylvania. Teresa’s, needless to say, takes their beer very seriously and this is evident upon first arriving and seeing the very lengthy back wall behind that bar that is covered in well over 100 different types of glassware. There is proper glassware for practically any beer in their portfolio and it’s also one of the more impressive sights you’ll see in a bar.

Their passion for beer is also equaled by their desire to offer food that is worthy of being served alongside it. In the Belgian tradition, the menu features a selection of different styles of mussels all accompanied with pomme frites as well as a cheese and charcuterie menu boasting a few dozen options. For the more adventurous palate, they also offer a variety of dishes featuring wild game, rabbit, escargot, bone marrow and more. For those who want to skip the traditional and experimental type dishes, you can also order off a menu of assorted tacos. Like the beer menu, it’s hard to go wrong with any of the dining options.

For those friends who aren’t keen on good beer, Teresa’s offers up a well-curated selection of whiskeys and wines. And attached to the beer bar is a wine bar offering up a completely different menu and an extensive selection of wines.

Located just a few steps from the train station only adds to the convenience of a trip to Teresa’s. It’s also perfect for a day trip with a handful of neighboring bars all within walking distance. Not to mention, there’s some other really great stops along that same train route. Teresa’s Next Door is located at 124 N. Wayne Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087.

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