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Beer Here: Finding the perfect beer is now much easier.

Beer Here: Finding the perfect beer is now much easier.

The proliferation of craft beer has been exciting and rewarding to every beer lover and there seems to be no end in sight for the ever-expanding craft beer choices. But this expansion has not been without its challenges! For virtually everyone involved in the beer industry, the brewers, retailers, and especially the craft beer consumer, the challenge has been how to cut through the clutter of so many brands.

Our world of beer continues to grow, and many are feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of choices, especially those whose job it is to market, promote, and sell beer. Meanwhile, beer drinkers across the country who are becoming more knowledgeable and want more information about beer are often turning to less than adequate resources on their smart phones and getting severely biased or just completely wrong information. Enter Beer Here!

Beer Here is a revolutionary new way for beer retailers to showcase their inventory for shoppers. Imagine walking into your local beer distributor or bottle shop and walking up to the bright, yellow, touchscreen Beer Here kiosk. Immediately, you are presented with choices: featured, explore, random, and find. Featured highlights specific products that the retailer has decided to promote, be it a seasonal beer or a new beer in the store. Explore is where consumers can go when they are looking to try something new, allowing
them to search through the retailers inventory by beer style, origin of the beer, or beer characteristics such as color, bitterness, alcohol, calories (yes, some of us beer lovers still count calories) and food pairings. “Random” pulls up a few windows that work much like a slot machine, spinning options of IBU (bitterness), SRM (color) and ABV (alcohol) to select a random choice from the database of beers. Finally, for the beer drinker who is on the hunt for something specific, there is the “find” option, allowing them to look up any beer in the entire database. This opens the search up to the broader world of beer, and even if the retailer does not have that product in stock, the kiosk makes suggestions based on the search criteria and the products available in stock.

For every retailer who has faced a barrage of questions about style, brands and suggestions, or for the consumer who simply wants to find their next favorite beer, Beer Here will be a dream come true! The next generation, due in June, will offer a mobile app that will connect the craft consumer with their favorite retailer, building beer cellars and automatic notifications on beer releases that will have the Beer Here user thirsty for more!

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