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Less Might Just Be More

Less Might Just Be More

It seems to have become a theme in the bar business that more is better. More draft lines. More bottles. More events. More everything. More isn’t a bad thing per se, but sometimes you just want less. You don’t always want to have to decide between fifty different drafts or 200 bottles. And deciding between the fish tacos, the filet mignon, or the mussels du jour is never an easy decision. With that said, Lucky’s Last Chance in Manayunk, personifies that less might just be better.

Located near the west end of the downtown block of Main Street, in a building that hosted a slew of bars easily forgotten by those looking for a good beer, Lucky’s has breathed new life into this two story bar. They’ve done it in the simplest of ways as well. Beer and burgers are the main gist of this corner gem. The beer list, both draft and bottle, is small but well-chosen. Only six beers at a time find their home on the draft board and twenty to thirty on the bottle list. With fewer options, you can guarantee an easy decision on what to drink, as well as guarantee the chance of finding something new on every visit. When there are only six beers on tap, they don’t last long and there is a certainty that it was freshly tapped.

As for food, it’s all about the burgers. They’re also a claim to fame of sorts for the Lucky team, plus is there anything that goes better with beer than burgers? They offer a whole menu of varied burger offerings, ranging from normal to straight up bizarre (though bizarre usually ends up being good). The bizarre includes a peanut butter and bacon burger served with a side of jelly or their burgers topped with shredded buffalo chicken or mac and cheese. For the risk-taker, there is the Inferno burger that few have been able to finish. There is also a version of the renowned Minnesota Joocey Lucy. Hamburgers aren’t your thing? Well, they also have a hot dog and a mac and cheese menu.

There is definitely a refreshing aspect about visiting Lucky’s. Only choosing between six beers and what kind of burger you want makes for a relaxing bar experience. Worse comes to worst, you just indulge and order two burgers if the decision becomes too difficult—no one at Lucky’s would hold it against you. The staff who are serving up the beer and burgers are as friendly as any on the block, giving it a definite neighborhood bar feel, even if you’re not from the neighborhood. Places like Lucky’s, along with Kildare’s and Manayunk Tavern are definitely breathing new life into a block that was for a while, vacant of good beer options. Lucky’s Last Chance is located at 4421 Main St., Philadelphia, PA 19127. α

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