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“Yarn”ing For a Simple Beer Bottle Project?

“Yarn”ing For a Simple Beer Bottle Project?

Some breweries are putting a lot of thought into what kinds of bottles they put their beer into nowadays. Yes, many use the typical 12oz. bottle, while others (many of the Italian breweries) are using very elaborate, almost decorative bottles to showcase their beer. Some bottles are so nice, you almost feel bad throwing them out, but placing them on a shelf as is, they’re still just a beer bottle on a shelf.

Well, with just a few basic items, you can turn those bottles into decorative pieces of art that look great on their own or filled with flowers. Plus, it gives you an excuse to relieve your childhood and play with Elmer’s glue (you all know you like peeling dried glue off your fingers).

A simple way to turn your empty bottle into a piece of art.


What You Need:
– An assortment of beer bottles (wine/spirit bottles would work as well)

– Elmerís glue

– Different colored yarn and/or jute. (make sure you choose a thicker yarn)

What To Do

Step 1: Go to the bottle shop and pick out your favorite shaped bottles. Look at this as an excuse to try out some of those fancier beers you’ve had your eye on, but couldn’t warrant the expense. Between getting to drink it and it becoming a piece of art in your house, the price should be much more approachable.

Step 2: Once you’ve drank the beers, remove the labels. Soaking them in hot water can make this easier to do. They don’t have to be perfectly clean, but you want the paper part of the label gone. Make sure the bottles have dried off before continuing.

Step 3: Start at the bottom of the bottle and squirt thin lines of glue around the circumference of the bottle.

Step 4: Place the yarn or jute at the bottom and wrap it around the glue-covered part of the bottle. For the first few circles at least, you’re going to want to hold pressure on the yarn and make sure it dries in place completely.

Step 5: Once dried, continue this process until you’ve covered the entire bottle. As with the bottom of the bottle, you want to ensure that the top dries completely in place.

Step 6: Find the perfect place to display your new beer bottle vase and start deciding what fancy bottle of beer to try next.

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