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360° of Beer

With only a recent resurgence in the craft beer world, a unique can innovation wasn’t something that most expected. After all, cans are still somewhat of a hot new thing in craft beer. However, craft cans aren’t exactly new to Sly Fox Brewing Company. One of the innovators of craft cans and the first to do so in the Mid-Atlantic region, Sly Fox has been choosing metal over glass as their main source of packaging since 2006. So for them, a new take on the can technology was a fitting advancement.

Teaming up with Philadelphia based can manufacturer, Crown Holdings, Inc., Sly Fox introduced the 360 End Can; a new type of can that allows you to peel off almost the entire top of the can, resulting in a can cup. A quick pull of the tab and you can finally enjoy the fine aromatics that accompany a well-brewed beer. It’s the best of both worlds, with the versatility and transportability of a can and the more satisfying drinkability of a glass.

To kick things off, Sly Fox introduced the beer with their newest canned offering, Helles Lager, as well as a very limited amount of a special IPA brewed for the grand premier at the recent Craft Brewers Conference. For those attending Philadelphia Phillies games, you can also get cans of their famous Pikeland Pils in the new 360 End format. Unfortunately, that will be the only place to get them at the moment, but it just makes for another excuse to take in a ballgame.

Where things go with the 360 End Can is unknown and not all Sly Fox packaged offerings will end up in this format, as they are not allowed in certain states due to litter related laws. They may always remain a limited item available in the local market, but there’s nothing wrong with that; it seems only fitting that the best beer city in the country has some unique beer innovations of its own. And, no matter what the litter laws say, this innovation definitely adds a notch in favor of cans in the bottle versus can argument.

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