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It’s Named What?

It’s Named What?

When you come across a beer with an unusual name, it’s always intriguing. You wonder how that name came to be and what it could possibly mean. Usually, it’s just a funny story about something that happened at the brewery or a brewer’s unique sense of humor shining through. When you find out that there is actually a depth to the meaning that involves a great cause, there is a sense of satisfaction to complement the intrigue behind ordering that beer.

Prism ChemoSabe is one such beer, and one you can take pride in ordering. In 2011, Brewmaster/Owner, Robert DeMaria, wanted to help out a local child that had been diagnosed with cancer. To do so, he brewed a beer in which he could donate the proceeds to the family of the child. The beer brewed is what DeMaria calls a big, black wheat beer with a touch of wasabi, weighing in at 8.5% ABV. DeMaria refers to the wasabi as a way to add complexity to the beer to reference the complexity that comes with cancer.

Each year since, Prism has brewed a batch of ChemoSabe, choosing a different local family to support each time. On top of the proceeds he donates from distributing the beer and taproom sales, DeMaria also encourages bars to throw fundraiser events around tapping the beer and is always willing to bring the Prism team out to such events. Even if you can’t do an event, he suggests charging a little extra and donating that to the family. If you walk into a bar and see a glass of ChemoSabe that seems a bit overpriced, know that in many cases it’s probably for good reason and you can feel a sense of satisfaction in forking over an extra couple dollars.

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