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Meet the Scene: Dave Garry

Meet the Scene: Dave Garry

Meet Dave Garry of Good Dog and Industry Bar, and learn absolutely nothing about him. Interview By Curt Decker, Casey Hughes, Nick Johnson, and Chris LaPierre.
*Advisory: Do not take any of this seriously.
The interview begins with about 15 minutes of less-than-sober banter, setting the pace for the rest of the evening.

Chris: So Dave, who did you nominate for the Philly Beer Scene Awards?

Dave: I voted for Nodding Head. I voted for three people because there were too many. I also voted for Flying Fish but then I retracted after Casey quit.

Chris: Will you start carrying more Flying Fish beer now that Casey is gone?

Dave: Absolutely, now that we know the quality is going to be more consistent.

Curt: I support Dave in whatever he says.

Dave: Thanks, Curt.

A Mummer’s Punch arrives at the table.

Dave: Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, here comes four quarts of solid liquor.

Chris: And sugar.


Chris: So Good Dog did not start off as a beer nerd’s bar. When did that change happen?

Dave: Nope, it didn’t happen until about 6 months after we opened.

Casey: Dave, what was it like opening a craft beer bar in Philadelphia?

Dave: I don’t know, I didn’t open it. Well, I did open Standard Tap, does that count?

Nick: Dave, how did you get your start in craft beer?

Dave: Standard Tap. Actually no, Tavern on Green. They had Stoudt’s American Pale Ale on tap.


The interview once again goes astray focusing on Dave’s favorite word in his vocabulary. None of which can be printed.

Nick: When did you open up Industry Bar?

Dave: June 2012, and it’s going very well, thanks to people like you.

Nick: And the concept behind here is for people in the industry?

Dave: Yes, very good, Nick.


Casey: So Dave, you’re from Scottish?

(Yes, this should be Scotland, but correcting them would just be wrong at this point. Either way, Dave is actually Irish.)

Dave: Yes, that’s right. The land of Braveheart.

Chris: What was the hardest thing about coming to America? Was it learning the language?

Dave: Getting through Immigration. No, actually, that was one of the easiest parts of coming to America.

Casey: I thought Eddie Murphy was the best part.

Dave: They were like, ‘Are you coming on business or pleasure?’ I said pleasure and never looked back.

The conversation returns to the topic of Dave’s favorite word.

Nick: If you could describe yourself as any beer what would it be?

Dave: IPA.

Nick: Why?

Dave: Because I love hops.

Curt: It’s because he’s Irish, pale and an asshole.

Casey: Best answer all night.

Curt: I’m sorry, I love you like….

Dave: Curt Decker is one of my mentors, and the reason why I don’t let my staff drink during work.


Chris: What is your favorite bar that you don’t own?

Curt: That is a great question.

Dave: Standard Tap, Prohibition Taproom, and Nodding Head.

Casey: Curt just peed himself.

Curt: I appreciate it, but for me, that Memphis Taproom thing is big. I don’t even want it to be my favorite bar, but it’s really a fucking great bar. The food is good. The beer is always good.


This somehow leads to the bashing of Dave’s Irish heritage and then laughing at how hard this interview will be to edit and more content that cannot be published.


Nick: What is it like owning two bars?

Dave: Two bars… Neighborhood bars and Center City bars are totally different. Center City bars are busy pretty much all day, every day. Whereas, neighborhood bars get busy later and [are] more of a destination, so you have to be nice.

Nick: That’s it, you have to be nice?

Curt: I disagree, I think neighborhood bars have it easier. You have more of a captive audience. In Center City, bars are only really living at this point on some lunches and when things are hopping in Center City.

Dave: You only have a captive audience if people are willing to come in your door.

Curt: You have to repeat business….


This continues on for a while with nothing of editorial worth being said.


Dave: (To the approaching waitress) Can I get a Founders in a tulip glass?

Casey: (Mocking Dave’s order) Can I get a Double IPA in a shot glass, a whit beer in an eye dropper, some vodka in a syringe, or one of these straws full of porter?

Dave: Now I’m glad you’re moving to Florida. You’re such a *$#@!

Nick: I’ll throw 25 cents in for his ticket. Get the hell out of here.


Dave: Why didn’t any of you ask me who my formative people in Philadelphia are? Because Curt would be one of them?

Nick: Who are your formative people in Philadelphia?

Dave: That’s a wrap.

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