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Respect the Wood

Respect the Wood

You invite some friends over for beers and when everyone leaves, you find that someone left their beer on your great-grandmother’s cherished coffee table that her lover brought back on the Titanic—which you were fortunate enough to inherit. Before your tears begin to swell, think to yourself: “Would this have hap- pened if I had awesome beer coasters?” Maybe, considering how drunk your friends were, but probably not.

Well, with just a few basic items, you can create awesome coasters that not only serve to protect, but also look great on their own and will impress your friends with your Etsy-like craftiness (you know that’s the real reason anyway). So grow a beard, chug a beer, and let’s get crafting!


• An assortment of 6-pack cases (Go with your favorites: bright, strong graphics work best)
• Mod Podge (watered down white glue would work as well)
• Tiles (ceramic, marble, slate, or wood— whatever you like best)
• Felt pads (optional)


Step 1: Save those 6-pack cases! If you don’t have enough, head to your local bottle shop and pick out a few that you think would work. Think of it as an excuse to try a few beers you’ve had your eye on, but haven’t made the plunge on yet. It’s also a good idea to pick out packs you drink regularly—that way you have a custom coaster for each of your favorites.

Step 2: Trace the outline of a tile on a spare piece of cardboard—this is your template. Use this to trace and cut out the graphic portion of the 6-pack cases you’d like to use for the coasters. Hint: Cut inside the lines, the template needs to be smaller than the final size of the graphics to fit on the tile.

Step 3: Wash your tiles to remove any dust. Apply a generous amount of adhesive and let sit for a few minutes until tacky. Hint: A foam brush works best for this. Drink some of the beer while you wait.

Step 4: Place the cut out 6-pack graphic on the tile and center. Smooth any bubbles or wrinkles. Allow time to dry (about 10 minutes).

Step 5: Once dried, apply a coat on top of the coaster to seal the paper. Allow to dry. Apply addi- tional coats until you’ve reached the desired look. Optional: Seal with a clear lacquer for maximum durability and apply felt pads to bottom to prevent scratching underlying surfaces.

Step 6: Find the perfect place for your new beer-case coasters and enjoy a great brew while respecting the wood underneath.

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