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Some more post-Sandy support

Our friends over at Carton Brewery in NJ are about to celebrate their 2nd anniversary. In honor of doing so, they’ll also be helping the NJ Sandy Relief Fund.  These guys are putting out some great beers, and if you haven’t tried them yet, this is a good excuse to search them out.  Here is a video and the details on this beer:

Something Like Sandy
Sour Milk Stout
ABV: 6% | SRM: 42 | IBU: Wild

Sandy tore through in October 2012 and changed many facets of life in our neighborhood. At our brewery, she knocked out all power and controls for eight days. Upon returning to power, we came back to an experimental stout in the Tippy we had intended to sour for two days but which Sandy left wild for ten. A high point of our second year was finishing the beer Sandy made and putting it to some good as Sour Sandy which helped raise money for some displaced friends from the craft beer community. To commemorate our second year, we re-worked the brewing process and took a step in fermenter pre-boil. In this step, we let it go wild for two days and then slowly brought it down to 50 degrees while the Lacto and Pedio did their job for eight more days, recreating the median brewery temperature during the eight days that Sandy incapacitated the brewery’s controls. The resulting wild stout, Something Like Sandy, is our Second Anniversary offering and will benefit NJ Sandy Relief Fund. Drink Something Like Sandy because a sour stout out of a catastrophe is essentially our lemonade from lemons. 

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