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Concrete Pillow

Concrete Pillow

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company “Concrete Pillow” Anniversary American Barleywine.
Being at a beer convention in Atlantic City can really mess with your mind. The bars don’t close, the night effortlessly rolls into morning, and the flashing casino lights can be disorienting—if not flat-out confusing when you’ve had way too much to drink and way too little sleep. Luckily, the hotels are beautiful and the rooms are fitted with soft and luxurious beds—complete with pillows and blankets.

The thing is, interesting beer names don’t come from soft, plush, goose-down pillows. They don’t even come from Motel-6 quality pillows. They do, however, come from “pillows” of powdered concrete in the stairwell of a hotel down the street. Which Steve “The Animal” Capelli, of Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co., knows far too well.

It seems that after some heavy drinking, maybe a touch of gambling, and lots of confusion, “The Animal” found his way to the wrong hotel, and in doing so, had no room to stay. So out of, let’s call it “drunken ingenuity,” he found that a bag of concrete makes the perfect pillow, and stairs the perfect bed—only to be found by a fellow brewer the next morning when the elevator wasn’t working.

Who knows what would have happened to Steve had he not been found, but we can all be glad he was, for now we have great beer to drink and a great story to tell.

Concrete Pillow is a limited release American Barleywine served in an elegant 22oz. bomber and weighs in at 10.8% ABV. It is an easy drinker, with notes of vanilla, toffee, and some slight bitterness. However, have a few too many of these and you may find yourself in Steve’s position, quite literally, thumb in mouth and all.

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