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The Pumpkin Firkin

The Pumpkin Firkin

Let’s face it, pumpkin beer is the highlight of the fall season for most beer drinkers. Breweries can’t make enough of this sought-after style. It’s gotten so popular that most pumpkin beer is sold out before the fall weather even makes an appearance. How do you make pumpkin beer even better and more desirable? Simple, you add more pumpkin— by pouring it out of an actual pumpkin!

In one of our easiest and definitely most enjoyable “Fun with Beer” projects, we show you how to turn a regular old pumpkin into a firkin. Grab a case of your favorite pumpkin beer, as well as a pumpkin and take your fall party/get-together to the next level. If you want to get a little creative, use a non-pumpkin beer such as a milk stout or brown ale, grab your favorite pumpkin spices and soak them in the beer within the pumpkin for a bit before serving. Just don’t let it sit too long as you don’t want your beer to get too warm or flat. Also, be sure to use a tap with a filter to catch the spices.


What you need:

  • A pumpkin
  • Beer: How much beer depends on how big of a pumpkin you get. We recommend a pumpkin that will be large enough to hold a six-pack at a time.
  • A tap: A firkin tap or any other type of beverage tap will work.
  • Carving knife


What to do:

Step 1: Purchase your pumpkin. Obviously, the bigger the pumpkin, the more beer it will hold.

Step 2: Pick out the beer.  You can never have too much, so we recommend grabbing a case. You can always drink some of it without pouring
it into the pumpkin.

Step 3: Cut the top of the pumpkin like you would when carving a jack-o-lantern. Remember to cut on an angle so that the top doesnít fall through when you go to place it back on.

Step 4: Clean out the guts. Scrape out all the seeds as they will clog up the tap. Donít throw them out though, toasted pumpkin seeds will taste great paired up with the beer.

Step 5: Scrape away some of the inside wall of the pumpkin where you will be putting your tap. Youíll want to put this towards the bottom. Only scrape enough so your tap will fit. 

Step 6: Cut a hole into the side of the pumpkin just slightly smaller than the diameter of your tap where you scraped away at the wall.

Step 7: Put your tap in and secure properly depending on the type of tap.

Step 8: Fill the pumpkin with beer. You donít have to fill it to the top, but you probably should, as you know beer being poured out of
a pumpkin wonít last long.

Step 9: Pour yourself a pint of the best pumpkin beer youíll ever have at the coolest fall party in the neighborhood.

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