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World’s Best Ciders

World’s Best Ciders

With the incredible growth seen by craft beer over the past few years, all eyes have been on beer. During this time though, there has been another impressive resurgence in the world of adult beverages. Craft ciders have quickly been growing well-beyond household names such as Woodchuck and Magners. A whole world of specialty ciders has evolved and it is finally getting its due recognition.

Seeing this rapid growth and how it has been overlooked and mostly unrecorded, Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw set out to write World’s Best Ciders. A beautiful book, filled with exceptional photography, World’s Best Ciders is on its way to becoming a bookshelf staple for those who enjoy ciders or even just want to learn more about them.

Brown and Bradshaw walk you through everything you could ever want to know about cider. Starting with the history of cider and moving through to the orchards and the actual cider making process, they seem to have found a way to capture everything within 256 pages.

The heart and soul of the book walks you through 22 various countries from around the world. From Spain to Russia, Brown and Bradshaw delve deeply into each culture in how it relates to cider. Tasting notes on hundreds of ciders accompany photographs of each bottle. The world tour opens you up to the importance of terroir and just how large of a presence cider has globally. You’ll learn who the essential people are behind these world- class ciders and what it is that separates each location’s ciders.

Brown and Bradshaw also explore the topic of cider and food. A huge part of the beer and wine world, there’s no reason why it’s a topic that shouldn’t be evident in the cider world as well. Looking at things from the viewpoint of a sommelier, as well as the viewpoint of a chef, you get a true perspective of how each style of cider works as a food complement. These aspects penned together truly make this an unprecedented guide to the world of artisanal ciders.


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