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Awesome Gift Ideas, Literally

Awesome Gift Ideas, Literally

Pocket Guide to Beer
by Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb
The latest offering from respected beer writers Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb is a guide book to help you travel the world in search of good beer. Small in stature but largely extensive in content and value, The Pocket Guide to Beer is ideally assembled to easily stow away on your travels. In France and looking for a fine Bière de Garde? Maybe you’re in Japan and looking for their take on an American IPA? Either way, this is the book for you and perfect for the beer lover who frequently travels or for one looking to plan ahead for future travels.

Beer Crafts
by Shawn Gascoyne-Bowman
Do you enjoy our regular column “Fun with Beer?” Do you have a large collection of beer bottles and bottle caps lying around? Well, whether you’re an amateur craftsman or Martha Stewart’s doppelganger, Shawn Gascoyne-Bowman’s book, Beer Crafts, is perfect for you. This book is packed with creative uses for every sort of beer packaging, from the cap and bottle to the can and label. Broken-down in beer categories such as lagers, ales, and stouts & porters, projects range from a beer can award all the way up to John Milkovisch’s Beer Can House.

Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers
by John Palmer and Colin Kaminski
This book is probably not for the amateur beer fan, but more for the advanced homebrewer or the person that needs to know everything about what they are drinking. Often the most overlooked of the beer ingredients, water never really gets the attention it deserves. Being one of the four main ingredients in the beer-making process though, authors John Palmer and Colin Kaminski have set out to give water its due time. This book will tell you everything you could ever want to know about this seemingly simple ingredient. From pH levels to iron content, Water will help you better understand some of the intricacies of beer and help improve the beer of both homebrewers and professionals alike.

The Complete Beer Course
By Joshua Berstein
Class is in session. Brooklyn-based beer writer Joshua Bernstein has set out to create the first printed beer course book. The Complete Beer Course is broken down into different courses or classes to educate the reader on every aspect of beer styles. Whether you are looking to brush up on your IPA knowledge or seeking to understand a lesser known style such as gose, Bernstein’s book will provide you with more than enough information to make you feel confident about your beer drinking decisions. This book isn’t just for novice beer drinkers though, as the level of depth is fitting for even the most confident of beer geeks.

The Craft Beer Cookbook
By Jacquelyn Dodd
Assuming Chef Legget’s feature this issue is going to leave you hungry for more beer infused cuisine, Jacquelyn Dodd’s “The Craft Beer Cookbook,” might be just what you need to satiate that hunger. Whether you want an excuse to drink beer with your breakfast or are just plain tired of boring desserts, this book will guide you through every meal of the day, adding the flavors of your favorite craft beers into what will soon become some of your favorite dishes. Who doesn’t want to start their day with a sausage and pale ale frittata or come home from work to salmon with Dijon beer cream sauce over drunken couscous?


Donkey 6 Pack Bike Bag

donkeybag-webThere are a number of devices made for transporting beer on your bicycle, but this new offering from Donkey Products out of Germany may just be the best. The ultra-sturdy nylon bag holds six beers and is secured to the bike using heavy duty Velcro, covering most of the interior of the bag. The handle even makes it convenient to bring the bag right into the bottle shop, so you can drop in the bottles as you make your decisions. They also make a imilar version with a large pouch on each side rather than six-pack dividers made for picnics, but we’d just like to think it’s made for large-format bottles.
Price: $69



ReGEARED Coasters and Coozies

Bicycle and beer enthusiast Rachel Spire has found a way to bring her love for both together with her line of ReGEARED coasters and koozies. Repurposing old bicycle parts, Spire has made a unique line of coasters incorporating used bicycle gears. Options include a concrete coaster with whole gears imbedded right within or engraved wooden coasters that server a multi-purpose as a bottle opener, having a gear part on the bottom side perfectly placed to open your bottle with ease. Spire also offers unique beer koozies made of out-of-commission tire tubes. These are gifts sure to appease any bicycle lover.
Price: $12 and up | etsy.com/shop/regeared



growler-webGrowler on Board

We’ve all made the trip out to a brewery, fell in love with their beer and quickly decided to purchase a few growlers to take home. When we get back to the car, we realize that we don’t exactly know where to put them to ensure their safety during the ride home. The clanking sound of growlers is never a comforting sound to drive home to. Well, Growler On Board is great way to remedy the problem. Made of a low-density foam similar to what is used to make a can koozie, Growler On Board will safely and securely hold up to three growlers in a upright position, all while helping insulate and bringing peace of mind as you transport your newly purchased growlers home.

Price. $29.95 *use promo code PHILLYBEER to get free shipping growleronboard.com


Beer Painter Artworkprints-web

We all know that beer is great for drinking, but apparently it also makes for great artwork. Artist Karen Eland, uses beer as her ink to paint a variety of impressively intricate pieces. With works ranging from the chemical breakdown of a hop leaf to a classic 1920s Tour de France scene depicting the cyclists enjoying a beer, Elands pieces are perfect for beer lovers and art appreciators alike. Prints and original images are available, as well various sizes of calendars capturing a dozen of Eland’s pieces of art.

Price: $10 and up
Availability: http://etsy.com/shop/beerpainter

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