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A Crisp, Clean Lather

A Crisp, Clean Lather

If you love to drink beer and you like to stay clean, then there’s nothing better than beer soap. What better way to wake up in the morning than to cover yourself with your favorite deliciously-sudsy beverage? It’ll surprise you how easy it is to make beer soap and you can make it with items you probably already have in the kitchen. Not only is this a fun, fairly easy project, it’s also a great way to get rid of some flat beer you have left in growlers or old seasonals you aren’t in the mood to drink anymore.

Please be careful!

While it’s not difficult to make beer soap, be careful while working with the ingredients, they can get rather messy, very quickly if you aren’t paying attention. Aside from just making a mess, burns and injury are real threats.



• A large pot
• Immersion blender
• Disposable or old wooden spoon
• 5 gallon bucket
• Soap mold of your choice-a box works
• 24 oz. coconut oil
• 24 oz. olive oil
• 38 oz. Crisco
• 32 oz. FLAT beer (really, really, really flat!)
• 12 oz. lye



Step 1: Combine your oils and Crisco in your pot and melt together over the stove until smooth.

Step 2: Add lye SLOWLY into FLAT beer in a separate container. Mix until blended. The beer and container will get hot from the chemical reaction. Use rubber gloves and caution. A heavy, thick-walled plastic container works well.

Step 3: Remove oil from heat. Allow both oils and lye-beer solution to cool to 85-90°.

Step 4: Combine oils and lye solution into bucket and use immersion blender to mix. The color will change and the mixture will begin to thicken quickly.

Step 5: Pour into mold and allow 24 hours to set up.

Step 6: Remove from mold after 24 hours and allow 4-6 weeks to cure. The color will lighten and the soap will harden.

Step 7: Cut or break into desired sized bars.

Step 8: Lather and enjoy

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