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It’s Named What?

It’s Named What?

“It’s called what?” or “That’s hilarious,” are the two reactions we get to our new beer name, Purple Monkey Dishwasher. It’s a crazy name, I know, and people either understand it instantly or think we’re absolutely crazy. (Most people still think it’s funny, even if they don’t get it.)

Here’s the history: There’s an episode of The Simpsons from 1994 in which a “whisper down the lane” occurs. By the time it gets to the last person, the line has “purple monkey dishwasher” added to the end of it. I always found that scene hilarious, and have used the phrase countless times over the years to lighten the mood, or just make fun of a situation.

Picking a new beer name is hard. So many great names we come up with are either taken or sound a little too similar to something else. Sometimes during these brainstorming sessions (read: drinking beer), we start throwing out wildly offensive and/or completely inappropriate names as we’re scraping the barrel of our creative minds. During this phase, sometimes a name will come up that at first seems ridiculous, and mentioned more as a joke, but the more we say it, think about it, and envision it on a bottle, the more we realize how perfect it is. Purple Monkey Dishwasher is one such name. Beer is supposed to be fun, and in our opinion, if the name can get a smile or a chuckle the first time you read it, all the better!



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