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The Yards Brawler Bulgogi

The Yards Brawler Bulgogi

Last time Guerrilla Ultima was parked at Yards Brewing Co., after getting our asses kicked by the touring masses, pitchers of Brawler were plentiful! So plentiful and delicious, that we nabbed a few cases during our departure. Finally, at home we arrive and restart exactly where we left off. The morning came, and upon opening my eyes, I realized that one of us had committed the most heinous of craft beer crimes…“the wounded soldier.” As no beer goes to waste in my house, I quickly deployed a rescue mission. For those of you who have not had the privilege of tasting Yards Brawler, here ya go! The Brawler has a slight yeasty aroma, followed by caramel in the nose and a slight hint of roast. A definitive brown ale flavor which finishes light in body, a slight hop bitterness followed again with an easy malt taste; this is the very definition of a proper session ale. The perfect pairing for this is definitely some Korean Bulgogi sauce and a slightly fatty steak.


The Brawler Bulgogi Sauce:

•  1.5 oz. garlic
•  1 oz. toasted sesame
•  6-8 oz. Yards Brawler (half a beer, a typical wounded soldier)
*Note: In order to replicate the soldier, pop open your Brawler the night before to remove the carbonation.
•  ½ cup miso paste
•  3 oz. ginger, peeled and chopped
•  ¼ chopped scallion
•  3 tbsp. extra dark mushroom soy sauce
•  1 stalk lemongrass, chopped
•  3 oz. rice wine vinegar
•  3 oz. Mirin rice wine
•  ½ cup soy sauce

The Meat

2 lbs. well-marbled skirt steak
Cut the steak into 2 inch extremely thin strips against the grain.


•  Combine all of the above, reserving the scallion and skirt steak, into a blender.
•  Purée until completely smooth and thicken with xanthan gum, to about the consistency of a light BBQ sauce. Can’t get xanthan? Add more miso.
•  Place the skirt steak in a bowl, then add enough marinade to coat, along with the scallions.
•  Marinate for 30 minutes up to 2 hours.


•  In a cast iron pan that is blazing hot, toss in your meat until well-browned, constantly stirring.
•  Add more of the Brawler sauce as a glaze.
•  Divide the Bulgogi steak into 4-6 inch fresh hoagie rolls. We use Liscio’s on the truck.
•  Top this bad-ass sammie with some kimchi and spicy Sriracha mayonnaise, both readily available at the Asian market.

Also, this dish can easily steal the show executed on a grill at any BBQ that you are invited to. Just leave the steak whole, marinate twice as long up to overnight, grill, glaze, then slice and serve…and prepare to have that newfound grill-master ego massaged! Happy grilling!

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