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Beer for the Birds

Beer for the Birds

by Bobby Goodfeather

Nice weather is finally here and we are all looking forward to putting back a few pints outdoors, enjoying the warmth and sunshine after being cooped up indoors all winter. While you’re sitting there enjoying your bottle of beer under the sun or stars, think of the birds—remember that they might enjoy what’s in the bottle as well. You definitely shouldn’t give them beer, but grains, seeds, and barley are all perfectly fine.

This issue’s Fun With Beer is probably one of the easiest, cheapest, and most gratifying projects you could do. What could be better? You get to recycle old beer bottles, show off to your neighbors that you drink better beer than they do, and feed our fine feathered friends—unless you hate birds, but who hates birds? Cats. *Don’t build this if you’re a cat. 

What you Need:

•An empty beer bottle—just drink what’s in it.

•2’ long, 1×4” board – cut into 12” and 6” long sections

•Hose clamp — 2”-3”, depending on bottle shape

•handful of Screws

•Birdseed mix or barley, seeds, and grains

What to Do:

Step 1:  Affix shorter 1×4” to base of longer one 

with screws at a 90° angle. 

Step 2:Screw hose-clamp to top 1×4”.

Step 3:  Fill bottle with birdseed.

Step 4:  Tighten hose clamp around bottle and 

position so lip is ¼”-½”from bottom 1×4”.

Step 5: Hang somewhere high enough that the 

birds won’t be disturbed while eating. 

Optional: If you’re really crafty, (pun intended) consider adding a roof 

and maybe some walls to keep the rain from washing away the seeds.

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