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Summer & Seafood

Summer & Seafood

by Chef Robert Legget

Flying Fish has easily produced one of the best summer beers to hit the local distributors this year. The Farmhouse Summer Ale’s bright, citrusy aroma with some pleasant coriander makes this a hot weather winner, yet it is still able to deliver an extremely crisp texture with nice spice bitterness and a dry fruity palate; definitely some gingerish notes in this one. I know most of you geeks out there love your oyster and stout pairings, but the use of citrusy boldness is often overlooked when pairing with those little euphoric delights.

For the oysters, I recommend the Connecticut Blue Point. Not only are they extremely easy to obtain, they also yield a nice meaty cup with a great saltiness to balance the sweet and spice in the granita.

This is quite possibly the easiest recipe that I have submitted to date. Granted, there is a bit of microplane work here (easy), but the end result will make you the oyster king at your next boozy gathering.


•12 oz. Farmhouse Summer Ale

•1 tsp. microplaned fresh ginger

•½ tsp. microplaned garlic

•½ roasted/blackened habanero,
deseeded & minced

•½ tsp. lemon zest, extremely
finely minced

•1 sour orange, juiced,
seeds removed

•1/2 cup rice wine vinegar

•1 tbsp. elderflower syrup

•1 tsp. finely minced culantro,
*note—not cilantro

•1 tbsp. sweet Thai chili sauce

•1 tsp. minced chives


•Combine Ingredients in a stainless bowl, Whisk vigorously and allow the mixture to rest for 20 minutes.

•pour into a casserole dish, the smallest one you have. Allow at least a pinky width of mixture resting at the bottom.  

•Place in the freezer for several hours, depending on how fancy your cooler may be. The best results are achieved over-night, so plan ahead.  

•When the granita is ready, shuck your oysters. This will be enough for approximately two dozen.

•Grab a heavy spoon, and start shaving away—like water ice.

•Place an amount on each oyster that is equivalent to about half of its size. 

For additional bragging rights, top these hot weather delights with a pinch of wasabi tobiko, or some hot mustard oil. If you really want to get the party jumpin’, throw in that entire roasted habanero. I have used two or three… 

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