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aLUREing Bottle Caps

aLUREing Bottle Caps

Let’s be honest, fishing just isn’t as much fun without a few beers. Fishing is a relaxing “sport” and all, but at its core, it’s really just a good excuse for some day drinking. Sitting on a boat on a sunny afternoon, fishing rod in one hand, beer in the other, is a hard day to top.

With fishing and beer being such a perfect pairing, why not take it a step further and fish with your favorite beer? With just a few cheap supplies, you can turn your favorite bottle cap into your new favorite fishing lure, and guarantee that you will catch more fish than ever.*

*There is a good chance that this guarantee is completely false and may be the direct opposite, but we guarantee your fishing lure will look cooler than it did in the past.

What You Need:

-Bottle Cap

-Bb or other weighted object to sink the lure

-Fishing hooks (we used treble hooks)

-Split rings

-Drill bit/hole punch

-Needle-nose pliers

-Optional fishing lure accessories if you want to fancy up your lure

What To Do:

Step 1: Punch a hole on the curve of the cap on two opposite sides.

Step 2: Put slit rings on holes (using needle-nose pliers help)

Step 3: Place about 4 inside the bottle cap and then bend the cap in half with the holes at the top and bottom of the bend.

Step 4: Attach hook to either of the two rings.

Step 5: Use other ring to attach fishing line.

Step 6: Catch thousands of fish.

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