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From Taps to Table

From Taps to Table

If you really look, chances are you could find a multi-course beer dinner occurring each night of the week. Beer and food are meant to go together and they are a combination that is hard not to love. Of late, breweries are finding ways to bring the beer dinner concept home, and Victory has made a great start with the launch of a variety of beer-infused edibles, ranging from snacks to dessert, which one can enjoy in the comfort of their own home on any given night.

Righteous Felon Victorious B.I.G (Beer Infused Gastronomy)

Having already highlighted this in Issue 31, we won’t delve far into this one, beyond reiterating that this is artisan beef jerky that was made with Victory Storm King. Actually, that’s probably all that needs to be said anyways.

Homesweet Homegrown Punch Drunk

This is a hot sauce for those who truly enjoy hot. Made with ghost peppers, which are one of the hottest peppers in the world, this sauce really packs that aptly named Punch. Like the aforementioned jerky, this sauce uses Victory Storm King to balance out the hot and add a rich, roasty flavor to go along with the addition of smoked garlic and raw cacao. It should also be noted that Homesweet Homegrown, which is based out of Kutztown, PA, only makes products that are 100% vegan, non-GMO, and uses heirloom ingredients which they grow themselves. They also don’t utilize any gums or chemicals, but instead use chia seeds to thicken their sauces.

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