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2015 Best of the Philly Beer Scene Award Voting

2015 Best of the Philly Beer Scene Award Voting

10368343_701329923259883_8348736609973056296_oIt seems like just yesterday that Michael Lawrence was on stage at World Cafe Live “icing” previous Philly Beer Scene event host’s Joe Gunn and Curt Decker, but in just over a month, the local craft beer community will once again gather at World Cafe Live for the red carpet affair, as we announce the winners of the 2015 Best of the Philly Beer Scene Awards. Before that can happen though, the local craft beer drinkers need to provide their thoughts on who deserves to win and cast the vote that will decide who will take the stage on May 19th.

As in years past, the nominees have been chosen by the local craft beer industry. A few hundred people who work within the industry, consisting of brewery, bar, retail, and wholesale employees and local media, were surveyed and asked to provide nominations in each category. To keep things as fair and unbiased as possible though, people were only allowed to make nominations in categories that didn’t directly affect them. For instance, if you worked for a local brewery, you were not allowed to make a nomination in any beer categories. Once all the nominations were received, the votes were tallied and the top six from each category made the final ballot. In some instances where there were limited options to begin with, such as Homebrew Shop of the Year, all possible candidates were placed on the final ballot. The nominees are the opinions of the local beer community and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Philly Beer Scene.

Another aspect of this that is worthy of note is what defines “local.” Local has a different meaning to everyone you ask. Because of this we had to create guidelines to determine which breweries fit that term. These guidelines are by no means definitive, but they are the basis in which nominations were made.

What defines a local brewery:
Brewery of the Year: 
-If in Pennsylvania, it must be within a 100 mile drive of City Hall and their beer must be available in the Philadelphia market.
-If In New Jersey or Delaware, it must be located within a 45 mile drive of City Hall.
Brewpub of the Year:
-Must be within a 45 mile drive of City Hall.
If a brewery was opened within the last twelve months, it was omitted from either of these categories and instead included in its own category: New Brewery of the Year
Now that the process is explained, voting is now open and will remain open until April 17th. One can vote as many times as they choose, but we do look through individual votes and IP addresses to make sure that people are not just sitting at a computer voting for a single category over and over and over and over. That’s not how we want to see the awards won and suspicious votes will be deleted. With that said, best of luck to all of the nominees and we are looking forward to giving away a bunch of trophies on May 19th.

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