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A Mixologist in Everyone

Over the past couple years, artfully crafted cocktails have become incredibly popular. Hand-chipped ice, fresh herbs and fruits, signature tinctures, and other fancy elements have helped elevate the cocktail resurgence to levels it has never achieved. The only downfall of these fantastic libations is that you typically have to wait five to ten minutes for them to be made, and making them at the home requires a bar stocked well-beyond the typical bar. Realizing food cocktails don’t have to be hard, White Whale hit the market with an array of mixers.

Their mixers make concocting fancy cocktails almost as easy as pouring a beer. Each mixer is designed to be just about equal parts of mix with a single spirit. For example pour one ounce of rye whiskey (we suggest locally crafted Dad’s Hat Rye) and one ounce of White Whale The Mob Man and you’ve got yourself a Manhattan. Pretty damn easy.

The mixers, which are made with “Southern love” down in Durham, North Carolina, are a blend of exotic juices and garden-fresh herbs. The mixers are concentrated just so the 8 oz. bottle they come in will make you eight strong cocktails that really showcase the suggested spirit, they way a good cocktail should. If that’s not enough, each bottle has some of the most humorous drink descriptions you’ll find, which you’ll have plenty of time to read with all the time you saved making your drinks.

Sometimes, you want more of a cocktail challenge, so we teamed up with Art in the Age, a locally owned spirit purveyor, to come up with a couple suggestions that use both White Whale and Art in the Age spirits, along with some other mixers. They may not be quite as easy as a traditional White Whale cocktail, but they’re still pretty simple.

Suggested Recipes:

The SNAPpy Dipper
1 part SNAP
1 part grapefruit juice
3 parts dry hard cider
1 part WW The Skinny Dipper mixer
Mob Origins
3 Parts ROOT
1 part WW The Mob Man mixer
2 parts club soda

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