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Holiday Book Guide

Holiday Book Guide

99 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

Who hasn’t gotten into a jam and found themselves with a bottle, yet no bottle opener? Well, you’ll almost never have to worry about that again with this book from Brett Stern, which gives you comical step-by-step directions on opening a bottle of beer 99 different ways. From the garage door to the newspaper vending machine on the side of the road, Stern has options to cover you no matter where you may be. This book may leave you feeling like a real life MacGyver, if only MacGyver knew how to open bottles.

We Make Beer: Inside the Spirit and Artistry of America’s Craft Brewers

Craft beer is a great way to bring people together and make new friends. There’s a sense of comradery among craft beer lovers that brings them together. Likewise, the brewers of the world share a similar passion when it comes to making great beer, which brings them together as friends rather than competitors. Author Sean Lewis sets out to delve more into the life of America’s great craft breweries and discovers how their love for beer and brewing has bound them together, making the industry better as a whole.

The Craft Beer Revolution: How a Band of Microbrewers Is Transforming the World’s Favorite Drink

As the founder of Brooklyn Brewery, Steve Hindy is truly a revolutionary of craft beer, helping pave the way for many breweries to follow. With this book though, he sets out to share the story of how craft beer has become as large as it has from many breweries throughout the country. He looks into how the small craft breweries had to adapt and market themselves to compete with the macro breweries of the world, eventually leading to those breweries imitating the little craft breweries. Hindy’s perspective is from a person who has been through this development of craft beer and is a must read for anyone interested in the history of this fine beverage.

Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: The Complete History of Presidential Drinking

Not long ago, President Obama delighted the craft beer world with the news that he was homebrewing in the White House. He then went on to share that recipe so that we could all drink a “presidential” beer. Mark Will-Weber shares the story of Obama’s homebrewing, but also uncovers the drink of choice of all those that preceded him in the Oval Office. They weren’t all beer drinkers, but some great stories have come out of their chosen drink. 

Wisdom for Home Brewers: 500 Tips & Recipes for Making Great Beer

Homebrewing is a never-ending journey; there are constantly new tricks and techniques, as brewing is an ever-evolving science. Luckily, there are always new books and guides coming out to help with this. Ted Bruning & Nigel Sadler’s tome serve as a great reference to help you continue or begin as a homebrewer. With 500 tips along with a bunch of basic beer recipes, this is sure to be a great asset on any homebrewer’s bookshelf.

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