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It’s Named What: J.A.W.N.

It’s Named What: J.A.W.N.

The idea behind J.A.W.N. is as much a product of Philly as it is a transatlantic text message conversation between two beer geeks. We (Neshaminy Creek) had been wanting to make a hoppy American Pale Ale for some time now, and since Neshaminy Creek has a hefty contract of Nugget hops, what better use for them than a Nugget-bomb APA? At about the same time, our good friend Mike Lawrence was in Italy doing what Mike Lawrence does, which is travel and drink beer, right? Out of the blue he texted me, “Someday you should brew a session beer called Jawns…just so people can say out loud, ‘Let me get one of them Neshaminy Creek Jawns.’” He actually suggested “Juniper Ale with Nectar” and I immediately replied “Juicy Ale with Nugget,” from the fact that one of brewer’s nicknames is Juice and he is fond of saying our County Line IPA is “juicy” (and the aforementioned contract of Nugget hops). Not quite a session beer at 5.2%, it has what people in the industry call “drinkability,” and a lot of hops. So, there you go. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how a beer name is born.

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