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Pliny the Younger is Back

Pliny the Younger is Back

One of the most sought-after beers in the world, Russian River Pliny the Younger, makes it’s return to Philadelphia this week. Word is that the beer arrived at Origilo Beverage (the local wholesaler) today and will be make its way to bars on Monday. One of the biggest events that revolves around Pliny the Younger is the annual charity fundraiser Monks Cafe holds.

In years past, the fundraiser has raised as much as $25,000 each year for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. This year though, which will be held this Monday, February 20th, the sum will sadly have to be lowered as the bar was given a citation last year for their beer raffles. Each year, owner Tom Peters, puts together some incredible beer baskets filled with rare gems from Cantillon, Westvleteren and more.  As for the reason the bar was cited, “Apparently someone wanted to buy all the tickets to the Cantillon raffle, but we said that would not be fair to the others attending. Most folks around here think that person dropped the dime on us. We had to hire and attorney, go to court and pay a fine. The big downside of this action is that we will raise $10,000 less than normal. Kinda sucks, doesn’t it? I’m going to head to Harrisburg in the Fall to see if I can get the regulation amended or to be granted an exemption. Lots of bars donate a ‘portion’ to Charity, but we donate 100% of the CASH to Charity,” as Peters describes the situation.

There may be no raffles, but Monks is still aiming to raise $15,000 for charity and there will still be an incredible beer list aside from Pliny the Younger. So far, the draft list includes:

Russian River Blind Pig
Russian River Consecration
Russian River Damnation
Russian River Pliny the Elder
Russian River Pliny the Younger
Russian River Supplication
Cantillon Fou Foune
Cantillon Gueuze
Dieu de Ciel Peche Mortal
Lost Abbey/Wicked Weed Ad Idem

All the beers will be tapped at noon-ish and all draft beer will be cash only. In years past, the line has started as early as 8:00am, so be prepared to be there before the doors open and to wait in line for a bit, but rest-assured you’re drinking great beer for a great cause, making it all worthwhile. 100% of the sales of the draft beer will once again go to a charity to be determined shortly.

Keep an eye on Philly Tap Finders blog for updates on more bars to tap Pliny the Younger in the coming weeks.

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