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Six Nice Beers with Chill Moody

Six Nice Beers with Chill Moody

If you follow the local craft beer scene, chances are you’ve heard of Chill Moody. As one of Philadelphia’s favorite up-and-coming rappers, Chill brewed a collaboration beer with Dock Street Brewery, performed at Beer Week events at McCrossen’s Tavern and Dock Street Brewery, and hosted last year’s Band of Brewers at World Cafe Live. He also has performed at some of the areas top music venues and events including the Roots Picnic in both Philly and NYC, The Fillmore, and more.

Today, Chill dropped his latest EP, It’s Gon Be a Nice Year. “In 2016 I brewed a beer, there were lots of tv appearances and I dropped quality records. Last year was a great year, this year is gonna be a nice year! We are working to amplify my visibility—because I’m doing nicethings. So I’m dropping this project which to me feels like the 2017 Chill Moody Table of Contents,” says Moody of the new album. 

To celebrate the release of It’s Gon Be a Nice Year, we asked Chill to pair each track from the album with a local beer to drink while listening to it. So go to ChillMoody.com to listen to the album for free and pick up a six pack of these beers to experience the album the way Chill Moody experiences it:

1) I’m An Artist (produced by Mr. Green)
2SP Cold Cock: A subtle yet aggressive song. My plans were to make a statement with this record. It’s the first song on the album and in some cases peoples first listen to Chill Moody, so I wanted to make it memorable. Cold Cock was the first beer I had from by 2SP and it made a great impression on me. Anytime I’m at a bar and see anything from 2SP on draft I get a glass and I want people to feel that same way about anytime they see Chill Moody music.

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2) Never Fail (Produced by EVO)
Dock Street nicethingsIPA: My favorite track. My favorite beer. Simple as that. I put a lot into this song: a lot of emotion and a lot of passion, similar to what Vince DesRosiers (former head brewer at Dock Street) does with all his brews. We collaborated on a beer that dropped in October of 2016 year called “nicethingsIPA.” This song just has a feeling of accomplishment to me; the same feeling I get when I drink nicethingsIPA.

3) They Don’t Know featuring Bri Steves, GetUp & Brian LaPaan (Produced by Wes Manchild)
Troegs Mad Elf: A fan favorite beer. A crowd favorite song (it goes over really well when we perform it live). Mad Elf is also a favorite of Wes Manchild’s and mine. We look forward to it’s release every year the same way I feel fans will look forward to seeing this song performed at shows. A STRONG lyrical outing, to match the high ABV.


4) It’s Time To (Produced by Nottz)
Neshaminy Creek The Shape Of Hops To Come: This song is special. My first time working with Nottz, who has produced for Kanye West, Game, Pusha T, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, the list goes on and on. Whenever this beer drops, it’s a big deal, similar to me working with such an accomplished producer. I remember at the grand opening of Milkboy on South Street they actually had The Shape Of Hops to Come on draft and I feel like no one appreciated how rare and important it was for a keg of this brew to be tapped somewhere outside of Neshaminy Creek but me. I drink about four of them that night. I feel like the importance of a Chill Moody x Nottz collab holds that same importance and if no one explains it, it might go overlooked.

5) Home Again (Produced by Wes Manchild)
Neshaminy Creek J.A.W.N:  This song is a part of a bigger project me and Wes Manchild are working on set to drop sometime this year. The crazy thing is we came up with the idea for the project while drinking beers and playing arcade games up at Neshaminy Creek brewery one day. Aside from that, with a track called “Home Again” nothing reminds me more of “home” than the word jawn. It’s as Philly as it gets.

6) 3 Wishes (Produced by Hank McCoy)
Victory Golden Monkey: This is a very personal song produced by Hank McCoy, who is actually my first cousin (our mothers are sisters). Simply because everyone in our family LOVES Golden Monkey, it’s one of Hank’s top 3 for sure, I’d have to pair this beer with this song. Another strong lyrical outing, personal notes that will warm you up inside and I feel like after a couple listens you will get lost in this record, similar to the feeling after three Golden Monkey’s lol.

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