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Belgian Brewery Coming to Aston

Belgian Brewery Coming to Aston

written by John Henry Scott

2017 is likely to see the opening of Aston Abbey Brewing Company, a new brewery with a taproom located at 340 Turner Way in Aston, PA, just a few minutes down the road from 2SP Brewing Company. 

Aston Abbey will be run by husband and wife duo Chuck and Sue McKenna. Chuck has been homebrewing since 1993 and has been planning his professional debut for about five years. Aston Abbey will focus on old-world beer styles.  

“We will be brewing mostly Belgian beers but we’ll be looking to France and Germany for inspiration as well,” said McKenna. “One thing you’ll never find here is an American IPA.”

Aston Abbey will have ten beers on tap at all times. The mainstays will include a quad, tripel, double, blonde, wit, and a stout. The other four beers will vary. McKenna plans on attempting to mainstream some old-world styles, so expect to see a Kölsch and sours.

threeUsWhen asked about his more traditional approach to brewing, McKenna said it was the history that attracted him.

“It goes back thousands of years,” he said. “It’s really impressive how long these beers have been brewed. Most Belgian breweries brew one beer. That’s what we’re trying to do. We have recipes that have been dialed in over hundreds of test batches. We’re not gonna be the place to go to find the most experimental beers but when you want the beer you want, this is where you want to be.”

Aston Abbey will not have a food menu. Their focus is on the brewing. Weekends will feature food trucks. Guests are welcome to bring their own food or have food delivered.

Be sure to follow them online for updates  as they work towards opening.

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