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Round Guys Underground Opening in Lansdale

Round Guys Underground Opening in Lansdale

Coming this April, Round Guys Brewery is partnering up with Backyard Beans Coffee Company to open a second spot in Lansdale. The new spot, aptly named The Underground, will provide Round Guys additional space for canning and more tanks, while also giving them a space for their regular events.

The rest of the space will be occupied by Backyard Beans who will be opening a up a full service cafe and roasting coffee right on premise. The cafe will feature beers from Round Guys as well as wine and cocktails.

You can take a tour of the new space below and look for opening details to come soon.

Barn-style doors lead to our new packaging facility. Located at 408 W Main St. (Directly across the Street from the Round Guys Brewing Company Pub).
Back door for loading in product. This room serves as the primary briting and canning space.
Taking a trip down the steps to the Underground. The Underground offers event space for everything from live music to our monthly standard events including our drag show and yoga, to private parties.
Actual barrel staves used in the padding of the wall.
The entrance derives from two separate doors, allowing for quick in and out of the facility. This hallway simply connects the egresses.
Concrete poured short bar featuring eight daught lines (7 Round Guys Beers + 1 wine, cider or mead) and additional options for serving mixed drinks. Limited seating at the bar.
Event space holding upwards of 80 people per event. This is an increase of 45% over the Pub capacity.
Leaving the production facility leads into the Backyard Beans Cafe, a coffee roasting and point of sale facility for our partners, Backyard Beans.
Backyard Beans Coffee Company graces the front window space, utilizing the front 2/3 of the building for both a full service coffee cafe and inhouse roasting facility.
34 Seat cafe with street view of Main St. in Lansdale featuring grab and go sandwiches, hot quiche, pastries, beer, and a cocktail menu.
Special warm lighting inside accents against wood paneled walls.
Cranking out 100 lbs per hour, Backyard Beans’ production space operates as the central production center for the company.

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